• [Toàn Quốc] Cơ Hội Giành Tấm Vé Tham Dự Liên Hoan Sáng Tạo Cannes Lions Tại Pháp Từ Cuộc Thi Vietnam Young Lions 2018
    Hạn cuối: 30/03/2018

    Vietnam Young Lions is a pre-selection competition for young Vietnamese professionals under 30 to represent the country at Cannes Lions. By creating a creative's playground for young potentials, the competition offers them an opportunity to meet, learn and network with top local experts in the field.

    Every year, the competition receives the enthusiatic participation of Vietnam's leading agencies and brands such as Ogilvy, GroupM, Unilever, Vinamilk,... Happening in three months, the competition attracts the whole industry's attention through two remarkable events: Presentation Day & Awards Ceremony.

    Presentation Day is also called the final round when top 7 finalists have to present and protect their ideas in front of the jury board. Since the event is open to the public, participants can look forward to mind-opening discussions between industry thought leaders and young brightest minds.

    Awards Ceremony - the most expected event of Marketing & Communication industry, reunites more than 500 high-profile professionals to celebrate the power of Vietnam creativity. On this day, all of top shortlisted works are exhibited and gold winners are revealed with constructive feedback from the prestigious jury board.


    To enter the competition, you must create a team of two members, complete the online registration form and pay your registration fee.

    Step 1. Make sure all your team's members are egibility before registering. (Check Who can join)

    Step 2. Prepare these required documents:

    a. Your profile photo of each member to be uploaded onto your account information in vietnamyounglions.net. File type: JPEG, portrait, max. file size 1 MB. Note: This is for identification purpose, you must upload photo of yourself with clear identification of your face.

    b. Your ID number ("Số CMND") to be provided in your account information so you can form your team by matching two members with ID number.

    c. Capture of your ID card ("CMND") of each member, front and back side, file type: JPEG, max. file size 1MB.

    Step 3. Fill in the registration form. (You will be able to fill in the form when registration is open. See sample of registration form here)

    Step 4. Pay registration fee of 2.500.000VND/team by one of the below methods:

    • Pay by cash at AIM ACADEMY
    • Pay via POS at AIM ACADEMY
    • Pay via bank transfer to AIM ACADEMY's account:


    Account Number: 202583039 ACB Bank – Sai Gon BranchSyntax for Bank transfer message: VYL2018_[TEAMNAME]_[Category] For example: VYL2018_WE ARE THE WINNERS_FILM

    Step 5. Check your email frequently to get updates about registration status.

    Who Can Judge

    Every year, new jury panels are put together to judge each category of Vietnam Young Lions. The jurors are industry leaders and experts in their respective fields who have successfully passed the rigorous selection process. Each of them has proved themselves with fruitful achievement in the journey of advertising and communication. They review, score, discuss to make up the shortlist and find the most deserving winners. To keep high integrity and standard of the competition, jurors are required to strictly follow the judging criteria issued by the organizer.

    Who Can Join

    The competition is open to all Vietnamese passport holders who meet below requirements:

    • Candidates must be fluent in written and spoken English since all briefs and instructions will be delivered in English ONLY. All submitted works must be prepared and presented in English.
    • Candidates must form a team of two to enter the competition.
    • These following people are not eligible for the competition:

    These following people are not eligible for the competition:

    • Candidates who have been refused visa or entry into any country
    • Candidates who won previous Vietnam Young Lions with Gold Prize or represented Vietnam in Young Lions Competitions

    For more details, please read Terms and Conditions of Vietnam Young Lions 2018 Competition.


    Liên Hoan Sáng Tạo Cannes Lions (Pháp) là sự kiện thường niên quy mô toàn cầu trong ngành truyền thông tiếp thị và sáng tạo. Đây cũng là một trong hai sự kiện danh giá nhất tại thành phố biển xinh đẹp Cannes nước Pháp, bên cạnh Giải Cành Cọ Vàng (dành cho lĩnh vực điện ảnh). Mỗi tháng 6 hàng năm, hơn 11.000 đại diện tới từ hơn 90 quốc gia sẽ quy tụ tại đây để gặp gỡ, trao đổi về các xu hướng mới nhất trong ngành cũng như vinh danh những cá nhân và tổ chức xuất sắc nhất trên bản đồ sáng tạo thế giới.

    Vietnam Young Lions là cuộc tranh tài quy mô nhất để chọn ra đại diện dũng mãnh của Việt Nam tham dự cuộc đi săn gay cấn cùng bầy sư tử khắp năm châu tại CANNES YOUNG LIONS (Pháp) vào tháng 6/2018. Khi mà mọi người đều đứng dậy để nâng tầm ngành sáng tạo Việt Nam trên bản đồ thế giới, thì là lúc bạn không nên ngồi yên nữa.

    Truy cập website vietnamyounglions.net để tham khảo thông tin chi tiết và đăng ký ngay hôm nay!

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