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    At Highbrow, we are always hungry for more knowledge.

    The idea of Highbrow first came to us when we felt like there was a huge knowledge gap between what we were learning from the media and real textbook knowledge. And like most modern people, we found ourselves constantly too busy or distracted to invest the time or money to learn about something new in-depth.

    So, we made it our goal to solve our own problem by creating Highbrow.

    Highbrow is the solution to the knowledge gap. With Highbrow, we try to create a simple, easy, and free way for people to gain new knowledge in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

    In just 5 minutes, we hope to make you just a little more knowledgeable than you were the day before.

    Course: Common English Phrasal Verbs

    Phrasal verbs are important parts of language: they occur frequently in everyday speech and are also common in written texts and some formal English.This course will help learners of English understand and use 25 of the most frequently used English phrasal verbs. You will learn the definitions of these useful phrasal verbs, and the accompanying example sentences will show you how you can use them in everyday conversations and situations.

    • Format: One lesson delivered via email daily
    • Duration: 10 days
    • Time: 5 minutes reading a day
    • Membership: Free

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