• [HN&HCM] Meete tuyển dụng Business Development Full-time 2017
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    A. Who are we?

    At Meete, we provide one-stop sales & marketing tools for offline merchants. After 1.5 year launching, we have partnered with The Coffee House, TocoToco, The Pizza Company, Wrap&Roll, etc…and have grown in to 100k users in several cities

    B. Our way:

    • Growth - at Meete, we value growth more than anything else. Learn more. Do more. Become more. We do our best and never stop growing, for either Meete’s performance or personal development.
    • Milestone Celebration - we set weekly & monthly KPI. Whenever, we reach KPI, we celebrate as a reward for our effort.
    • Best Newcomer at Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2016
    • Top 1 IOS Store - Category “Ẩm thực" - 6/2017
    • Top 3 Android Google Play - Category “Food & Drink” - 4/2017
    • Pro-sports team - we work like a Professional Sports Team but we treat each other like Families. Members take the initiative and support each other.


    C. Position: Business Development

    1. Requirements

    1. Less than one year experience: people with more experience tend to see too much risks and problems in everything and view the potential negative outcomes as significant obstacles. We embrace risks and welcome challenges. It helps growth.
    2. Prefer startup over corporate working environment:
    • Working hours: you come late, you work past midnight and on weekends. It does not matter much as long as your tasks are accomplished on time and to highest standards.
    • Process: in most cases, there is no proven methods to follow. You create your own approach to things
    • Making decision: with limited data. Executing aggressively to learn. Fall 10 times, get up 11
    • Taking break: it’s only for winners and we’re obviously not there yet. Our weekends are a lot more productive than everybody else’s
    • Growth: you have no problem with starting low. It’s the growth rate that counts.
    1. Have high standards: you set high bars. Your works are always of highest quality possible.

    2. Responsibilities

    As a business development executive, you are required to expand Meete’s merchant network, fast. Following steps:

    Identify potential merchants: depending on the strategy, we focus on different group of merchants at different periods. We have worked with big companies like KFC, Lotteria, Highlands, The Coffee House, Cong Cafe, Tocotoco..

    Approach/Engage: emails, phone calls, meetings to understand partner's’ needs

    Proposal: it’s how to tell our story (solution) that makes them interested. Then you go for the close.

    3. Benefits

    Competitive salary:  it’s just like the company growth. It increases fast.

    Incentive: based on individual & company performance. As the company does well, everyone gets promotion.

    Free lunch: not so much like the ones you see at Google but yes. We try to have the desserts and nutrition right.

    4. Application

    • Shoot your resume to [email protected] immediately with a title: Postion - Your Full Name. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.
    • Deadline: 11.59 P.M - 15th August

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