• [HCM] Công Ty Công Nghệ AdAsia Holdings Tuyển Thực Tập Sinh Nhiều Vị Trí: Account Management, Business Development, Media Planning, Influencer Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design 2017
    Hạn cuối: 19/10/2017

    AdAsia Holdings is a technology company developing solutions across various industries.

    Since starting out in April 2016, we now have offices in 9 countries across Asia and has been developing localized solutions in the marketing and advertising field - providing marketers, advertisers and publishers with integrated end-to-end solutions through a single dashboard.

    Our Ho Chi Minh City office is now looking for young talents who are interested in advertising and digital marketing to join our internship program.

    Grow your skills with us at the top of the tallest building in HCMC

    Open department & application link:

    Account Management


    Business Development


    Media Planning


    Influencer Marketing




    Graphic Design


    Interview: Oct 23rd - Oct 27th, 2017

    Internship duration: 3 months (full time)

    For any information please contact [email protected]

    (*) Lưu ý: do hạn chế về mặt thời gian nên chỉ các ứng viên được lựa chọn vào vòng sau mới được liên hệ và phản hồi. Rất mong các bạn thông cảm. 

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