• [HN] Công Ty Tuyển Dụng Quốc Tế One Arrow Consulting Group Tìm Kiếm Associate Consultant Fulltime 2017
    Hạn cuối: 20/12/2017

    About us

    We have offices in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Our specialization are Insurance, Medical & Healthcare, Finance & Asset Management, Retails, and Corporate Service. Our consultants are well trained professionals in their respective markets, strong relationships with business and candidates alike behind them. (www.onearw.com/)

    We are looking for 3 agile Associate Consultant to join our fast growing team. This position offers room for exponential growth within the organization. SO, ARE YOU AWESOME ?

    1/ Responsibilities

    * Monitor various aspects of a recruitment. Assist as execution happens.

    * Identify clients’ needs and develop future candidates source.

    * Perform administrative tasks in a time sensitive manner.

    * Report to lead consultant. 

    2/ Job Benefits

    * Competitive salary, >1xxx commission

    * 20 annual leave days/year

    * Compulsory insurance

    * Professional development

    * International working environment

    * Company culture - open communication, flat hierarchy, fun, enjoyable and creative problem solving.

    3/ Job Requirements

    * Fresh-graduate in the field of HR, Finance, BA, Marketing, English

    * OR 1 year experience in consulting, HR, recruitment 

    * Excellent communication skills

    * Strong commitment and work ethics.

    * Fluent verbal and written communication in English language. (required)

    4/ Recruitment Process:

    * 20/12 : Deadline for application

    * 05/01 : Assessment Center

    * 10/01 : Final Interview

    * 12/01 : On board

    ► APPLY NOW: bit.ly/OAC-consultantapp 

    Contact: Ms. Hachi Bui

    E: [email protected] | P: 09 83 89 96 94 | Text or call only.

    (*) Lưu ý: do hạn chế về mặt thời gian nên chỉ các ứng viên được lựa chọn vào vòng sau mới được liên hệ và phản hồi. Rất mong các bạn thông cảm
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