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Cơ Hội Nhận Tài Trợ 1,000 $ Với Chương Trình Hỗ Trợ Sáng Kiến Thủ Lĩnh Trẻ Đông Nam Á (YSEALI) 2017

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The 2017 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Micro-Grant Program

The U.S. Mission to Vietnam invites YSEALI members in Vietnam to submit proposals for the 2017 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Micro-Grant Program. This competitive program offers grants of up to $1,000 (or more in exceptional cases) to individuals and not-for-profit groups of Vietnamese young people aged between 18 and 35 to conduct programs and activities on topics of Civic Engagement, Education, Economic Development, and Environment. The deadline for submitting an application is 17:00, Monday, July 31, 2017.  Leaders of winning grant proposals will be contacted no later than September 8, 2017.

Launched in 2013, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is the U.S. government’s signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia, deepen engagement with young leaders on key regional and global challenges, and advance people-to-people ties between the United States and young emerging Southeast Asian leaders. Recognizing that over 65 percent of ASEAN’s population is under the age of 35, YSEALI is an effort to harness the extraordinary potential of youth in the region to address critical challenges and expand opportunities.


Grants may be made to individuals, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit groups whose implementing persons are YSEALI members in Vietnam. To become a YSEALI member, you must:
• be between the ages of 18 and 35;
• have interest in either Education, Economic Development, Environment and Civic Engagement in ASEAN;
• register (easy and free of charge) as a YSEALI member at https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/


In 2017, we would like to encourage projects that support the following themes:

1. Civic Engagement in ASEAN
For example:
• Religious tolerance and diversity
• Trafficking in persons
• Women Empowerment

2. Education
For example:
• Access to Education
• English Language
• Science and Technology

3. Economic Development
For example:
• Youth employment
• Entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship
• Green economic growth

4. Environment
For example:
• Environment protection
• Disaster preparedness/Humanitarian Assistance
• Food Security


A panel of U.S. Mission personnel will review and select finalists.

Eligible projects are evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Advancing YSEALI goals.
• Feasibility, coherent implementation plan, clearly itemized budget, etc.
• Project’s impact and achievability of defined goals.
• Special consideration will be made for projects in underserved provinces.

Purely humanitarian assistance proposals are not suitable for this YSEALI micro-grant program. 

Proposals must include a description of how the grant will be monitored and evaluated. 
Grants may not be used for partisan political activity. Proposals for non-partisan election education and public information activities, however, are eligible for consideration.

Proposals may include modest administrative expenses, including honoraria/partial salaries of grant implementers, but only when they are directly linked to the conduct of the specific grant program. General operating expenses, long-term infrastructure costs and undefined miscellaneous or “overhead” expenses are not acceptable. High costs to produce materials are also not a good use of the micro-grant program. 

Grant funds can be used to:
• Train trainers, but they may not be used to provide direct social services
• Initiate seminars and workshops, but the proposals must describe the expected audience, content, and timeframe and justify the activity in terms of outcome and benefits
• Develop and publish materials, but the proposals must describe the audience, content and means of distribution
• Conduct YSEALI networking events 

Grant funds CANNOT be used to:
• Cover excessive costs related to meals, drinks (no alcohol is allowed), gifts, etc.
• Support for-profit entities
• Pay for international travel outside of Vietnam


YSEALI members in Vietnam are invited to submit proposals online at: https://goo.gl/iPS3xp no later than 17:00, Monday, July 31, 2017. U.S. Mission Vietnam will not accept proposals submitted via fax, the postal system, or delivery companies.

Link to download the Proposal Form: https://vn.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2017/07/2017-YSEALI-Micro-Grant-Program-Proposal-Form.docx

Link to download the Budget Form: https://vn.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2017/07/2017-YSEALI-Micro-Grant-Program-Budget-Form.xlsx

Leaders of winning grant proposals will be contacted no later than September 8, 2017.

Should you have any question or need support, please contact your YSEALI coordinators:

Ms. Tran Mai Anh Phuong
YSEALI Coordinator
U.S. Embassy Hanoi
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (84 24) 3850 5000 ext: 6150

Ms. Le Thi Kim Muon
Cultural Affairs Assistant
U.S. Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (84 28) 3520 4657

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