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[Online] Cơ Hội Nhận 500 GBP Từ Giải Thưởng Nghệ Thuật The Baron Prize 2019

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Deadline:  March 30, 2019  

The Baron Prize invites artists and photographers to enter one work that investigates Barons' core themes – sex and sexuality and identity politics.

The prize will be awarded in two main categories:

• Art
• Photography 

The Baron Prize for Art is looking for one conceptual work which could include animation, collage, drawing, illustration, painting, performance art or sculpture.

The Baron Prize for Photography is looking for submissions of one conceptual photograph that uses photography as its medium, this could include collage, fine art photography or fashion photography.

Each work submitted must apply a concept aligned with sex and sexuality or identity politics and consider how every element that constructs the outcome could be aligned with a rational.

The prize will be judged by a transnational panel including Ashleigh Kane (Dazed & Confused); Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Italian Vogue); Ché Zara Blomfield (Art Editor Baron& Curator); Petra Collins (Curator & Photographer) and Sue Webster (Artist).

Each submission will be viewed by an esteemed industry panel, which could lead to opportunities and new audiences seeing your work.

Entry fee is 20 GBP (approx. 26 USD).


Open to anyone worldwide.


The winners will receive a cash prize of 500 GBP (approx. 665 USD) and 500 GBP to spend on Baron books and magazines.

Moreover, the finalist shortlist and winners will be published in the UK’s leading arts and culture newspaper The Art Newspaper.

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