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[Online] Cuộc Thi Làm Video UNFPA CACPD Youth4Youth Forum 2019

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Call for Video Submissions for the UNFPA CACPD-Youth4Youth Forum 2019 are open. The CACPD-Youth4Youth Forum is an avenue to continue building such partnerships and strong movements and to discuss and create lasting solutions to the problems that continually plague young people in the world. The 3rd China-Africa Conference on Population and Development will take place from June 23-26, 2019 on the theme “Population Data Management and Universal Access to Reproductive Health as Key Drivers to Sustainable Development.”

The objectives of this Forum are to:

  • Create a youth-led avenue for dialogue and ideating solutions to the numerous challenges of the facing young people in developed and developing economies with a focus on promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and ending Gender-Based Violence;
  • Improve the awareness and knowledge of key instruments (ICPD, SDGs and AU Agenda 2063) and the understanding of the participation of young people in the implementation process;
  • Provide an innovative platform for Chinese and African youth to showcase and explore their aspirations, work, and innovations, as well as making a strong case for the inclusion of young people at all levels of societal engagements in line with the new UN Strategy on Youth;
  • Build and strengthen networks like the African Youth and Adolescents’ Network on Population and Development (AfriYAN) to influence national, regional, continental and global policies, particularly affirmative action to ensure the achievement of SDG 5—Gender Equality.


  • You can submit the video as an individual or as a group
  • You (and your friends) should be below 35 years to be eligible to submit a video
  • Videos can be recorded with a camera or a phone, as long as it is in a format that allows you to upload it. Your video should be of good quality
  • Videos recorded on phones should be taken horizontally
  • The video should be clear (of good quality) and audible


  • Upload your 1-minute video to a cloud storage account like Google Drive or DropBox. Then, send the video link to [email protected] with the email title: “Video Submission: State of the Youth Address”. In the email also share your name, age, organisation or institution (if applicable), country and city/town. This is most preferred.
  • Alternatively, you can share your video link via Whatsapp to the number 0576245319. In the same message thread also share your name, age, organisation or institution (if applicable), country and city/town.
  • You can also send your 1-minute video directly to [email protected]In your mail include the following information: your name, age, organisation or institution (if applicable), country and city/town. This method of sending your video is most preferred.


  • Plan before recording.
  • Keep it short, straight to the point and powerful.
  • Remember, the objective is to capture the real happenings in communities with regard to youth. The state of your community’s youth is a reflection of the state of young people and the world needs to hear it.
  • Be creative and innovative!
  • Avoid overuse of jargon and acronyms
  • Please note that any video footage over 60 seconds (1 minute) will not be considered.

For more information, visit UNFPA CACPD-Youth4Youth Forum.

Deadline: May 31, 2019

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