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[Toàn Quốc] Cơ Hội Nhận €1,000 Khi Tham Gia Cuộc Thi Quốc Tế XVII Videominute International Contest 2018

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The Area of Culture of the Dpt. of Culture and Social Affairs of Universidad de Zaragoza, with the collaboration of CineMaremagnum, wants to announce the regulations for the XVII Videominute International Contest with the purpose of stimulating creation in the domain of video-creation and animation, according to the following regulations:


1.-PARTICIPANTS The contest is open to videocreators of all nationalities with no age restrictions, individually or in group. Each competitor can submit from 1 to 5 works with the main characteristic that each work presented must last a maximum of 1 minute (60 seconds) including credits. Works already presented in former editions of the contest as well as those lasting more than one minute will be discarded. The subject of the works is free, and both fiction and animation works can be submitted.

IMPORTANT: All those works presented in a language different from Spanish, must be subtitled in Spanish or in English.


Through internet only:

-Press here to fill in the application form and to upload your video

3.- DEADLINEVideominutes must be sent or presented by 23rd of March 2018.


The members of the jury will be selected by the Dpt. of Culture and Social Affairs of Universidad de Zaragoza amongst videocreators and experts of national and international prestige. This jury will complete with its experience and opinion the possible omissions or doubts that could arise in the selection process. The jury reserves the right not to award the prizes if no work is deemed to be worthy. The decisions taken by the jury shall be final.The best 25 works, as a maximum, will be selected to pass to the final and this condition of finalist will be communicated to the respective authors.Prize-giving and projection of winners will be reported to all those interested and it will be made public through general means of communication.


The winners will be awarded with a diploma and with the following prizes:

- 1st Prize VIDEOMINUTO 2018: 1.000€ - 2nd Prize VIDEOMINUTO 2018: 700€ - 3rd Prize VIDEOMINUTO 2018: 400€

*These prizes are subject to tax deduction according to Law.


The winners will authorize Universidad de Zaragoza to record, compile, reproduce and broadcast the presented pieces preserving their rights as creators of their works. In the different editions, recordings or public performances of the winning works should be mentioned ‘XVII Videominute International Contest. Universidad de Zaragoza’.The organization will not be responsible neither of the eventual damage of the works nor of the rights derived from the materials used for the creation of the videominutes and in this case.


The application to take part in and to present works for the competition implies the knowledge and full acceptance of the present regulations.

1-Área de Actividades Culturales. Universidad de Zaragoza.

Phone.: 34+ 976 762608/09.

E-mail: [email protected] Web: cultura.unizar.es


Phone.: 34+ 976 589545 / 34+ 630183280.

E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.cinemaremagnum.es


Please visit https://cultura.unizar.es/regulations-videominute-international-contest to learn more about the competition.

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