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[Toàn Quốc] Cuộc Thi Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 - Cơ Hội Dành Tài Trợ 10,000,000 VND Cho Dự Án Y Tế Cộng Đồng Xuất Sắc Và Học Bổng Tiếng Anh Trị Giá 12,000,000 VND

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Purpose of 'Vietnam's Amazing Student' contest

  • Mentor Vietnamese students to think out of the box.
  • Train Vietnamese students to develop 'Project management' / development capabilities.
  • Train Vietnamese students to give them 'Problem solving' experience and knowledge. 
  • Foster 'Presentation', Inter personal skills among Vietnamese students.
  • Make Vietnamese students understand about the value of contributing in social development. 

Student teams will NOT require to pay any REGISTRATION FEES to join this contest. Vietnam Social Health Revolution is the sponsor of all team's registration fees! 

You can build your project in Vietnamese or English Language.

Registration for Season 2019 is Open
NOW to 31st January 2019.

​So what are you waiting for?
​Register now !!!

Vietnam's Amazing Student Contest rules

​First Step : Registration (Now - 31 January 2019)
  • ​Vietnam's Amazing Student is Project development contest for University Students. 
  • Contestant have to register as a team, included 2 to 4 members.
  •  During Registration phase, we will pick up the model concept you want to develop your project. 
  • ​Student team will NOT require to pay any 'registration fees' to join this contest. Vietnam Social Health Revolution is the sponsor of all registration fees! 
  • Make a video clips by your phone to introduce your team and also say, why do you want to join this contest ! - Then upload in Facebook.  Your Facebook post must have this hashtag -#Vietnamamazingstudent2019  and your team's hashtag. You will need to give the link of that video , on the last section of this registration form.
  • So form your team, make and post your video clip , then register  by clicking the Register NOW button on the left ! !!! 
  • While the contest is open, participants are encouraged to share their video with others as much as possible to get more like/views, to increase team's bonus points
Second Step : Project Development ( 1 - 31 March 2019, 4 weeks)
  • You will have total 4 weeks of time to develop your project.
  • You will receive a weekly package of assignments as a part of the competition. If you do more , you will get bonus point !
  • ​Vietnam's Amazing ​Student organizing team will provide you a mentor who will guide you to develop your project
  • Every week you will have a offline/ online reporting , briefing session with your mentor.  You will submit your weekly project's progress work to contest committee. 
  • After 4th week you will submit all the documentation of the project. 

Third Step: Selection of top 4 Projects (To be announced)
  • Vietnam's Amazing Student Judge will review all the project's work and select the Top 4 team's projects for the final round.
  • And the top four team will be invited to the final around.

Fourth Step : Final Round and Awards (It's a 3 hour event)
The final round will take place at RMIT University. Final round consists of 4 parts -  
  • Presentation round - Each of the finalist team will present (by ppt, clip etc) their project -  show why their project is the best. 
  • Challenge round - each team can challenge other team's work. 
  • Problem solving round - Judge will give a problem to solve for the contestant teams.
  • Judge question round - Judge will ask a set of question to each team. Creative answer will get bonus point. 

Based on all those 4 rounds, Judge will provide score for each team.  The top scoring two teams will be awarded as 
  • Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 Champion 
  • Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 Runner-up 

>> Click here for more detailed information

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