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Hai "DoHa" Le Dong Nguyen

Scorpio, 2002

I am a genuinely energetic and passionate high school student and an active member of the society who strives to make an impact on the world. • Nine years of experience as the Academic Vice President during Elementary, Middle School and High School in Vietnam. • Four years of organizing volunteering campaign with the Quang Ngai Province’s Youth Union. • Two years of experience as the President of the Global Association of Economics Education. • Four years of managing the online magazine The Cosmopolite Guru. • Three years of managing the million-viewed YouTube Channel Dong Hai STUDIO. • Three years of experience as a Senior Member at the XDA-Developers Forum. • Actively participate in various national competitions and local contests. • Featured on a wide range of local and national newspapers and TV channels in Vietnam.

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+1 (339) 200-9537

Boston, MA 02184, United States


Le Khiet High School for the Gifted

Quang Ngai, Vietnam • August 2017 - June 2018

High School Gifted Diplomat, Salutatorian, GPA: 9.5/10

• Processed to the Gifted Class taught in English through a rigorous entrance examination. • Early Graduation with a GPA of 9.5/10. Processed to CATS Academy Boston. • Co-Founder & Vice President of the school’s first Radio and News Channel Platform. • Academic Vice President and Member of the Executive Board of the Student Council.

CATS Academy Boston

Boston, MA, United States • September 2018 - Present

High School Advance Placement Diplomat, 100% Scholarship, GPA: UW 3.9/4 | W 4.7

• Received the Ivy Scholarship through a rigorous process that grants only two full scholarships (tuition fees and boarding fees) each year. • Taken 4 APs, 1 Honor and 2 CATS Innovations Courses | Current GPA: UW 3.9/4, W 4.7 • Taken various roles such as: Student Ambassador, Scholar Program Member, Founder & President of the CATS Economics Club, Vice President of the Academic Committee of the Student Government, Secretary of the Chess Club, Digital Editor & Lead Reporter of the school’s newspaper CATS Academy Courier, Senior Member of the Model United Nations Club, Member of Youth CITIES Club.

Professional Experience

Founder & President @ Global Association of Economics Education

Worldwide • November 2017 - Present

• Created a network of enthusiastic junior economists in seven countries across four continents to empower youth generations in the community with the fundamentals of economics. • Recognized as a fiscal-sponsored nonprofit and functioned as a 501(c)(3) under the regulation of the IRS of the United States of America. • Having partnership and support from rigorous corporations and organizations such as Rice University, Google for Nonprofit, Facebook, Cambridge Education Group, International Association of Economics.

Co-Founder & Vice President @ Le Khiet News Network

Quang Ngai, Vietnam • July 2017 - August 2018

• Co-founded the first Radio and News Channel platform of the Le Khiet High School for the Gifted. • Helped form a network of communication between High Schools for the Gifted in the Central Coast and Southern Vietnam. • Used modern article design, crafted online presence and innovative reporting styles to help the News Network reach 6 thousand subscribers on Facebook.

Assistant to Regional Vice Director @ Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

Quang Ngai, Vietnam • June 2019 - August 2019

• Interned as the Assistant to the Vice Director of the Quang Ngai Regional Branch of Vietcombank on technological logistics, crafting fiscal reports and suggesting long-term developments for the branch. • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) is one of the Big 5 of Vietnam’s Banking Industry.

Volunteer & Community Engagement

Blogger @ The Cosmopolite Guru

Online • November 2015 - Present

• A personal yet professional press platform to share my point of views on the most pressing issues of the modern world. Written in both English and Vietnamese. • Having an average daily traffic of 2000-7000 readers. • Featured on the magazine The Revolutionism Observer.

Volunteer & Organizer @ Quang Ngai Province's Youth Union

Quang Ngai, Vietnam • 2015 - Present

• Actively involve and play a leadership role in organizing volunteering campaigns and movements in remote and disadvantaged areas in the province of Quang Ngai. • Taken the role as an interpreter between the American and Vietnamese participants during the International Summer Camp 2017 in My Lai Village, Quang Ngai City. • Working with the Red Cross in projects for the remote areas of Ba To during a medical epidemic.

Senior Member @sirdoha @ XDA-Developers Forum

Online • 2016 - Present

• Developing audio software system for Android Devices, notably the project XZ2 Sound System which get featured on the front page of the XDA News Portal and 22 online technology newspapers. • Member of the famous developer group – RXS MoonBreakers.

Speaker @ TEDx Talk

Boston Metropolitan Area, M.A., United States • February 2019

• Topic: “From Introvert to Extrovert: The vital role of Internet.” • Presenting how the Internet has been a helpful companion in my journey of a permissive introvert into an extrovert who strives to make an impact for the world.

Honored Member @ Vietnam National Youth Math Club

Hanoi, Vietnam • June 2016 - Present

• A rigorous national club of students who are exceptional on mathematics. Prospective members must take an annual selective examination to gain entry to the club and there is an annual quota of 6 new members for each province of Vietnam.

YouTuber @ Dong Hai STUDIO

Online • 2017

• A YouTube Channel concentrated on technology, user-interface and software. • Having 15 thousand subscribers and 5 million views.

Hobbies & Interests

Classical Music, Science Fiction, News, Cardio, Stargazing, Piano, Travelling, Volunteering, Blogging, Communicating, Coding.