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[Hàn Quốc] Cơ Hội Giành Học Bổng Toàn Phần Tham Dự Chương Trình Giao Lưu Văn Hóa Hàn Quốc Winter Korea Culture Camp 2020

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Experience Korea this coming winter with the AYFN’s Korea Cultural Camp Program. This program is open to students/youth and learners desiring a short-term immersion program in Korean language and Korean culture. Prior knowledge of English is not required for students to participate in this program.

With the goal of increasing foreign students’ understanding of The Republic of South Korea, The AYFN Exchange Academy and local NGO are offering an invaluable Korean learning cultural immersion program. The program combines Korean language training with daily activities and cultural excursions to enhance the Korean experience. It’s open to international students with any level of Korean language ability


- Live for 6 days in Seoul, Korea
- Korean language class
- Learn and understand Korean culture directly
- Heritage walking tour around Seoul
- Experience to be like local people by experiencing the local traditions
- Experimental learning
- E-certificate of participation from AYFN

- Korean language learning:
  We offer classes for beginners. Participants can start learning from Korean basics, including self-introduction, greetings, listening, and basic conversations. The classes will promote interactive learning. Furthermore, the participants will have opportunities to interact with local people to practice daily conversations.
- Korean culture learning:
  Participants will have a chance to experience the culture by joining cultural activities such as wear Hanbook, eating kimchi , Korea’s dumpling, etc. In addition, participants will also visit places in Seoul where they can experience and learn about history, culture and society of Korea. Seoul tour includes Gyeongbokgung palace, Bukchon Village, etc.

DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: 1 October 2019 (wave 1)

The Winter Korea Cultural Camp will be held on 6 – 11 January 2020


One of the AYFN’s strength is to provide high quality placement program, but still in an affordable range of fee. To join Korea Cultural Camp (6 Days program), participants must pay:

- Free of charge (Limited offer). AYFN will waive the program fee and give travel grant for successful candidates. The travel grant amount may vary for each candidates, maximum USD 250. There is selection process to get this opportunity. AYFN will select the candidates based on merit.

- USD 550 (Member of AYFN and Alumni of AYFN programs)

- USD 650 (Non-member of AYFN)

Note: To become a member of AYFN, kindly register yourself here
Note: For group application, please contact us to get group rate and group registration procedure. Get discount up to USD 50/person if you register as a group (Min 3 persons).

The participants of Winter Korea Cultural Camp should meet the criteria as follow:

- Must be 15 – 35 years old and interested in Korean language and culture.

- Youth from all nationalities

- Commit to join full program

- Able to adapt new environment easily

- Able to pay the program fee

- Health physically and mentally

For further information, click HERE


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Hợp Tác Cùng YBOX.VN Truyền Thông Miễn Phí - Trả Phí Theo Yêu Cầu tại http://bit.ly/YBOX-Partnership

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