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[Korea] Học bổng Thạc sĩ Luật Quốc tế - Đại học Luật và Kinh doanh Quốc tế (TLBU) 2019 - 2021

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TLBU – TRANSNATIONAL LAW AND BUSINESS UNIVERSITY, having headquartered in Seoul – Korea, Institute in Paris – France, facilities in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC – United States, is pleased to notify the Partial Tuition Scholarship Program for Master Degree of International Law for the course of 2019 - 2021.

1. Requirements

Students who graduated or will be graduating by September 2019 from one of the following institutes:

 Ho Chi Minh City University of Law;

 Hanoi Law University;

 Law Faculty – Hanoi National University;

 University of Economics and Law;

Requirements: Good Academic Performance; Good Command of English; Good Moral Quality.

2. Study Program

The Study Program of International Law will be entirely in English. Students will spend most of their training time in Seoul, Korea; together with 02 Field Study Programs as follows:

 Field Study 1: Practical Studying in Busan. Students will have the opportunity to visit Posco Steel Group, Doosan Heavy Industry, Bulkuksa temple, Songdo Beach, Jagalchi fish market, and other places in Busan.

 Field Study 2: Practical Studying for one month in European countries including France, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland… and International Organizations such as International Court of Justice (ICJ); International Criminal Court (ICC); International Labor Organization (ILO); European Union (EU); World Trade Organization (WTO); World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), United Nations, UNIDROIT, etc.

3. Scholarship

The scholarship will cover partial (80%) tuition fee of USD 40,000: equipment, study facility and cost of your practical studying during the 2-year course (text books not included) and accomodation expenses for one-month field study in Europe.

Students have to pay in total USD 22,000, including USD 10,000 tuition fee and USD 12,000 for accommodation expenses in dormitory and cafeteria during 02 years, flight tickets for EU field study. Besides, students have to pay their own personal expenses.

4. Required documents

- Application Form;

- Diploma certifying University graduation in Laws (for students who are about to graduate, this document may be supplemented later);

- Official Transcripts (for students who are about to graduate, transcript must be one of the nearest semesters. A full transcript can be supplemented later);

- Curriculum Vitae (form);

- Personal Statement (form);

- Letter of Recommendation (form);

- 3 portrait photos 4x6cm; and

- Linguistic Certificate must be submitted before 31st December 2018. Requirement: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 80 (or equivalent)

5. Application process

- Deadline for submission: By the end of Sep 30 2018

- Test and interview: Oct 12 - 15 2018 (time may be changed subject to the circumstances)

- Notification of result: Nov 31 2018

6. How to apply

Please kindly send your enquiry to [email protected] for detailed instruction

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