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[Nhật Bản] Học Bổng Toàn Phần Chuyên Ngành Y Tại Trường Đại Học Y Tế Và Phúc Lợi Xã Hội Quốc Tế - Hội Phụ Nữ Châu Á (International University Of Health And Welfare) 2019-2020

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The International University of Health and Welfare(IUHW)was founded in 1995 as Japan’s first university specializing in medical care and welfare, with the aim of training various professionals in the fields of medical care and welfare, and improving their status. The university currently operates 16 departments in six schools at campuses in Ohtawara City (Tochigi Prefecture), Odawara City (Kanagawa Prefecture), Fukuoka City and Ohkawa City (both in Fukuoka Prefecture) where nearly 6,900 students study including IUHW graduate students.

With a view to training health and welfare professionals who wish to make international contributions, IUHW promotes international exchanges with various universities, hospitals and other facilities in China, Republic of Korea, Taipei, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on. In April, 2016, IUHW will establish a new campus in Narita-city, Chiba Prefecture where the international airport is located.

IUHW established its unique scholarship program in 2001, with the aim of improving the status of professionals in the fields of medical care and welfare, and contributing to the development of future leaders in Asian countries. Since then, IUHW has been accepting IUHW Scholarship Students in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society. There is a rule which obliges IUHW Scholarship Students to go back to their home countries upon completion of their studies at IUHW and to take a leadership role for the purpose of developing medical and welfare situations in their home countries. It makes the scholarship a more valuable one. IUHW Scholarship Program is different from other scholarships, in terms of fully covering not only tuition, but also other expenses necessary for study, such as textbooks, transportation expenses and accommodations during study at IUHW. Therefore, the scholarship enables students with financial difficulties to study in Japan.

Total number of IUHW Scholarship Students (Undergraduate Students: 10, Graduate Student:10) as of February, 2015 :Vietnam 2, Mongolia 3, Nepal 1, Myanmar 8, Republic of Korea 1, Indonesia 1, Cambodia 2, Laos 1, Thailand 1)

IUHW recruits candidates for the scholarship every year based on the following conditions.

1 The number of scholarship recipients: one or two persons (for each year)

2 Fields of study: ( )・・・length of study

(1)Undergraduate School School of Health Science (4 years): Departments of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Orthoptics and Visual Sciences, and Radiological Sciences

School of Health and Welfare (4 years): Department of Social Services and Healthcare Management

School of Pharmacy (6 years): Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

(2)Graduate School

Master’s Program in Health Sciences (2 years)

Master’s Program in Health and Welfare, and Health Service Management (2 years)

Master’s Program in Biopharmaceutical Science (2 years)

Doctor’s Program in Health Science (3 years)

Doctor’s Program in Medical and Biopharmaceutical Science (4 years)

3 Eligibility

(1) Applicants must be good citizens with fine character and willing to serve their own countries.

(2) Applicants must return to their own countries and serve as leaders in the fields of health and welfare after completion of their studies at IUHW.

(3) Applicants must have at least 12-year school education (or equivalent) with good academic records. 2012 IUHW Scholarship Award Ceremony with Mongolian Ambassador’s Madame (Mongolian Student) 2014 IUHW Scholarship Award Ceremony (Thailand and Myanmar students) 2013 IUHW Scholarship Award Ceremony with Myanmar Ambassador (Cambodia and Myanmar Students)

(4) Applicants must have sufficient Japanese language proficiency or equivalent with Japanese Proficiency Test (the N2 level), in order to study at IUHW without difficulties.

(5) Applicants must be in good health.

4 Campus

In principle, students are to belong to the IUHW Ohtawara Campus in Tochigi Prefecture and Okawa Campus in Fukuoka Prefecture

5 Coverage:

The scholarship will cover the following:

(1) Tuition and admission fees

(2) Other expenses necessary for study, i.e., textbooks, uniforms, etc.

(3) Free accommodations (apartments to be arranged by IUHW)

(4) A living allowance

(5) Transportation expenses between the apartment and the campus

6 Selection Schedule

IUHW accepts applications every year by the end of October for next academic year’s scholarship students.

※Please contact below for further information.

Examples of IHUW Scholarship】

○Undergraduate Student (in case of School of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing : four years)

・Tuition/Admission Fee ¥5,900,000

・Other expenses necessary for study around ¥400,000

・A living allowance ¥2,880,000(¥60,000/month)

・Accommodations/Transportation expenses around ¥2,970,000 Total around ¥12,150,000

○Graduate Student (in case of Doctor’s Program in Health Science : three years)

・Tuition/Admission Fee ¥3,300,000

・Other expenses necessary for study ¥900,000

・A living allowance ¥2,160,000(¥60,000/month)

・Accommodations/Transportation expenses around ¥740,000

Total around ¥7,100,000

※Total payment is different depending on their fields of study.

※In addition to the above, students can receive scholarship from Ohtawara City (for only undergraduate students/maximum ¥10,000/month) and free commuter pass for Ohtawara City Bus.

※Regarding accommodation, IUHW provides free accommodation with bath and toilet, besides payment for communication expenses (Internet, telephone charges) and utility expenses in case of studying at Ohtawara Campus and Okawa Campus.

If students study at other campuses, they have to pay some part of their accommodation fees.

International University of Health and Welfare

・Tokyo Office: International Affairs, Mr. Daijiro Muto / Mr. Fumihiko Kase,

Tel.03-3475-5062 / Fax.03-3475- 5076

E-mail: [email protected]

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