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[Nhiều Quốc Gia] Học Bổng Toàn Phần Khóa Học Hè Y-Farm 2017

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Mekong Youth Farm Network (Y-Farm) is developed by enthusiastic youth of the countries in Mekong region and is under Warm Hold Association which is Charity, Non-Profit and Local Organisation in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.

Teaching Farm and Youth Engagement is initiative project focusing on issues related to youth and farming activities in the region. The team develops an eco-system engaging youth (young volunteers) in farming sector and related activities: including Teaching farm, School farm/garden, Organic farming, Youth farmers and community farm.

Mekong Youth Farm Network is inviting application for Y-Farm Summer Scholarship 2017. This activity based project titled: “Teaching Farming and Youth Engagement” is funded by YSEALI Seeds for Future 2017

Mar 1st - Apr 15th; Receive Application Forms
May 1st - May 15th: Short-list notice and Interview, final list.
Jun to Jul: Fellows travel to their host farms


Full scholarships including airfares, buses, boat tickets to travel in any of five Mekong: Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Experiences, working and learning in local communities with the local farmers and youth

For more information, please email us: [email protected] or visit our website at www.youthfarmnetwork.org

Download form here

Written by: Mekong Y-Farm

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