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[Singapore] Học Bổng Tiến Sĩ Toàn Phần Chuyên Ngành Công Nghệ Thông Tin Tại Đại Học Công Nghệ Và Thiết Kế Singapore 2019

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I have several research positions available, and am also looking for PhD students to work with me. The candidates are expected to work in the following topics:

  • IoT and edge computing
  • Machine learning systems
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud-based and distributed systems
  • Databases
  • Security software

Research Positions

The following positions are available immediately. Salary is internationally competitive. Please email me if you are interested.

Research Technician

The role requires good software development experience, and the candidate is expected to code in Go, Python and C++. He/she must be able to read and understand codes from open-source projects, and must be comfortable working in Linux environment.

Research Assistant

The role requires extensive software development experience, and a good grasp of fundamental concepts in computer science. The candidate is not only expected to code, but also contribute research ideas and discussion.

Research Fellows

The candidate must hold a PhD of relevant topics. He/she will lead a team of research assistant, PhD students and research technicians.

PhD Students

I am actively looking for motivated PhD students. Requirements and available sources of funding can be found on the university website. Note that I do not have my own funding for PhD students at the moment.


Anh Dinh

Assistant Professor

Singapore University of Technology and Design

8 Somapah Road, Singapore

[email protected]

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