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[Úc] Học Bổng Toàn Phần Sau Đại Học Của Ngân Hàng Phát Triển Châu Á-Nhật Bản (ADB-JSP) Dành Cho Các Nước Đang Phát Triển Tại Đại Học Sydney 2019

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The ADB-JSP scholarship was established in 1988 by the Government of Japan aims to provide citizens of ADB’s developing member countries opportunities for postgraduate studies in development-related fields. After complete their study, scholars are expected to contribute to their home countries’ economic and social development.

Approved Fields of Study at The University of Sydney
Master of International Relations
Master of Project Management
Master of Public Health
Master of Global Health
Master of Health Security

Who is eligible?
be a citizen of the Asia Development Bank’s developing member countries
have gained an unconditional offer for one of the approved postgraduate courses listed above
have at least two years full-time professional work experience (acquired after a university degree) at the time of application
be aged 35 years or under at the time of application
not have already completed a master degree
not previously studies overseas
currently working in your home country

Next Intake:
The next intake is Semester 1, 2020.
Applications deadline for the Semester 1, 2020: November 1, 2019.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, a monthly allowance for books, housing, instructional materials, medical insurance and travel. For scholars with research, a grant may be offered for thesis preparation. Under special circumstances, the expenses for computer literacy, preparatory language and other similar courses may be covered.

NOTE: The scholarship is also available to study in different academic institutions.

For further information: https://bit.ly/2VqNT4L

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