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[USA] Học Bổng DreamGo Scholarship Nhiều Bậc Học Từ Tập Đoàn Dream Go, Inc 2019

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Dream Go, Inc is pleased to announce the DreamGo Scholarship only for an international student. They play a pivotal role in shaping the academic “dreams” of the students. Through the program, they paint a dream formalizing a supportive platform for international students without incurring payment fees.

The company’s sole dedication is to commit quality educational services in respect to college and university applications and to its adaptive functions. Dream Go Inc. proudly provides international students from China with scholarship up to 1000 dollars per semester.

Dream Go, Inc is a multifaceted International-Student Oriented Educational Consulting Company based in New York City.

Scholarship Description:

  • Applications Deadline: Mar. 31st, 2019
  • Course Level: The scholarships are open to all college or university level programs.
  • Study Subject: Any
  • Scholarship Award: 1000 dollars per semester. The winners will be selected by the owners, management, and staff of Dream Go Inc. the scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or university of the recipient.
  • Nationality: Internationally
  • Number of Scholarships: One scholarship is available
  • Scholarship can be taken in New York, USA

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

  • Eligible Countries: international students are invited to apply.
  • Entrance Requirements: The following criteria will be taken into account when considering all applications:
  • How interesting or helpful we think your statement is
  • GPA ( must be 3.0 or higher)
  • Only international student
  • Employees of Dream Go Inc and their immediate relatives are not eligible

Application Procedure:

To participate in this international scholarship, you need to submit the letters of recommendation. Only one application per student. Dream Go Inc reserves the right to verify all information, including the date of high school graduation and school enrollment status.

How to Apply: To enter, you must submit a complete scholarship application via email to [email protected] Incomplete applications or those that contain excessive grammatical errors will not be considered.

To apply, email them at [email protected] or call 646-838-3466.

>> Scholarship Link

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