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[USA] Học Bổng Ngắn Hạn Của Trung Tâm Báo Chí Kinh Doanh McGraw Fellowship For Business Journalism 2019

Hạn cuối: 2019-6-28

The program offers editorial and financial support to journalists who need the time and resources to produce a significant investigative or enterprise story that provides fresh insight into an important business, financial or economic topic.

Noticeably, this is not a residency Fellowship, however. All Fellows work from their own offices.

Nationality: not restricted

Grants: up to $15,000 for each project

Forms of application: can be in-depth text, video or audio pieces, and proposals that take advantage of more than one storytelling form to create a multimedia package


In order to be eligible, you need to

  • Have at least five years professional experience in journalism
  • Be freelance journalists, as well as reporters and editors currently working at a news organization or a journalism non-profit, can also apply

How to apply: submit a well-focused story proposal of no more than three pages with online application form at http://www.mcgrawcenter.org/the-harold-w-mcgraw-jr-business-journalism-fellowships/application-form/


  • January 4, 2019 (For winter fellowship)
  • June 28, 2019 (For summer fellowship)


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