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[TopCourse] Khóa Học Online Miễn Phí Marketing: "Influencer Marketing"

About this Free Certification Course

Everyone is an influencer. The term influencer has become something familiar. Influencer Marketing is a fusion of the old and new marketing tools. It takes the concept of celebrity endorsement and puts it into a modern-day content-driven market.
In this course, you will understand what influencer marketing is and how the concept of influencer marketing evolved. We will be discussing various strategies and different marketing campaigns that influencer marketer takes up. In the end, you will have a proper understanding of why influencer marketing will be even more vital in the coming future.

  • Influencer Marketing
Course Syllabus
Influencer Marketing
What is Influencer Marketing?
Phenomenal rise of Influencer Marketing
Benefits of Influencer Marketing
Who is an Influencer?
Different Influencer Marketing Campaigns
Best practices in Influencer Marketing
Course Certificate

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