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[HCM] Cơ Hội Tham Gia Dự Án ASEAN Youth Exchange 2017 Được Tổ Chức Tại Việt Nam

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ASEAN Youth Leaders’ Association seeks delegates for the ASEAN Youth Exchange on Education 2017 with the theme “The empowering role of education: Integrating the hidden curriculum to education systems for an action-oriented youth participant towards ASEAN Community Building”. ASEAN citizens between the ages 15-30, full- time undergraduate students or those who have graduated from college, university, or other institutions of higher learning, who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university or place of work, and have a good command of English, are invited to apply for the program.


ASEAN Youth Exchange Education (AYEE) 2017 takes place on July 3 – July 9. The ASEAN Youth Exchange on Education Program gathers together the brightest young people of Southeast Asia, becoming at the forefront of transforming ideas on education and learning into positive action.

The ASEAN youth Exchange on Education is a biennial gathering where the most brilliant young people in Southeast Asia connect, experience culture and diversity, share best practices, brainstorm ideas and formulate innovative solutions for educational challenges that the ASEAN region is facing today.

For the location, AYEE 2017 is held in Ho Chi Minh city, the most vibrant city in Vietnam. It is a great occasion for international friends from other ASEAN countries to come and stay and experience this flaring city of Vietnam.

*Please be noticed that this is a charged program, the camp fee for each eligible participants would be:

  • Vietnamese delegates: 5.750.000 VND
  • International delegates: $350


Delegates nominated for this program should:

  • Be between the ages of 15 – 30 at the time of application;
  • Be a citizen of one of the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam;
  • Be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English;
  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university, place of work, or community;
  • Demonstrate interest, knowledge, or professional experience in Education on Creativity;
  • Indicate a serious interest in learning about ASEAN as a region;
  • Be willing to actively participate in an intensive academic program, community service, and study tour;
Eligible Regions: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.



Apply online.

Application Deadline: April 10, 2017 (29 Days Remaining)


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