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[Indonesia] Chương Trình Training Về Nông Nghiệp Youth Association of Animal Science 2017

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Training Program This training program is aim to increase knowledge, experience, and also to gain more connection with others people who has the same mission to build animal industry. We are from Youth Association of Animal Science try to provide you to get an exclusive facility in this training with the best company and government institution in Indonesia. By joining this training program, you’ll have a time to know how is animal industry in indonesia goes now. This program also will help you to give something to the traditional farmers with social project that you can arrange with your multicultural group. We were selected participant into best 30 people from around the world who is lucky to get an amazing experience in Indonesia.

All of this program accomodation is free for you who has been selected into best 30, and for others participant will still get certificate of participation and also souvenir from our association.

 When this program will held? October 9th – 15th, 2017

Where is the location of training?

- KPBS Pangalengan Bandung - PT Ultrajaya Peternakan Bandung Selatan

- Animal Embryo Hall Cipelang

Who can join this training program?

 Student from around the world with age 17-25 years old

How to join the training program?

- Register yourself on www.yaasinternational.org before August 5th, 2017

- Document selection (CV and Motivation Letter) - announcement : August 10th, 2017

How about the payment? - Reguler : Rp 150.000 - Social : Rp 100.000 (with share YAAS Training poster to 5 groups on social media)

What you will get when you are selected? - Professional Training - Hotel - Meal 3 times per day - Local Transportation - Training Certificate - Free entrance to conference

Why you have to join this program? This program will only held once in a year, and will not have a same topics in others year. So this is a limited chance for you to gain a knowledge and experience with us.

 This program was reward and also an achievements for students who is really have a passion in animal industry www.yaasinternational.org

About the company

  1. KPBS Pangalengan KPBS Pangalengan was a company that is leading by farmers association in Pangalengan, Bandung.

This company was established since 1969 by Government statement. KPBS Pangalengan has a function to provide the farmers needed in Pangalengan area and also take care of them to have a good way in build their farm. KPBS Pangalengan also have feed factory and Milk Treatment company to process milk from farmers. At this year, KPBS Pangalengan is one of the leading farmers cooperation that still survive to give the best for traditional farmers in their area.

  1. PT Ultra Peternakan Bandung Selatan Indonesia's leading producer of aseptic dairy products, beverages and healthy drink products with UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Technology and aseptic packaging. We only produce natural high quality products in the most modern production technology and facilities in Asia under the most hygienic conditions for the goodness for Indonesian Family. Our Mother brand, Ultra Milk, has been able to maintain its leadership in the Liquid Milk Segment over a long period, just as Teh Kotak in the RTD tea- in- carton segment. http://www.ultrajaya.co.id/ www.yaasinternational.org
  2. Animal Embryo Hall Animal Embryo Hall Cipelang Bogor is one Technical Unit under the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. This unit is have a function to optimize the potential of cows in Indonesia and also provide the embryo for farmers with embryo planting technology. 

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