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[Indonesia] Tham Dự Diễn Đàn Indonesia Model United Nations 2017

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For years, IndonesiaMUN has proven to be the Model UN to provide delegates with the most relevant topics to date, presented in unique and challenging committees. Our Study Guides are composed carefully by our experienced directors from Universitas Indonesia’s International delegations, and for the first time ever, will enlist the assistance of relevant experts and governmental/ non-governmental entities in preparing our Study Guide. The relevant experts and agencies will also enlighten delegates directly in the conference room this November. With that being said, we are very confident that the quality of the substance is carefully monitored and perfectly suited to bring an authentic feel of a real UN conference.

This year we are honored to introduce the UN4MUN Procedure to IndonesiaMUN 2017. Firstly introduced in 2013, UN4MUN is an initiative established by the United Nations Department of Public Information to showcase the most accurate UN Rules of Procedure to the world of Model UN. This new approach highlights the United Nations value of consensus to closely mirrors how the decision-making process, negotiation, and drafting in the United Nations actually work. As we will apply this procedure to one of our committees, this innovation will be the first of its kind both in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.




  • Experience the life of a diplomat for five days
  • Engage with many people from around the world
  • Be empowered by the various side events that we offer


  1. Undergraduate and master degree student
  2. Small Delegation : 4-6 Persons
  3. Big Delegation : Minimum 7 Persons.
  4. Double Delegation is ONLY available for UNSC and Asean Regional Forum.

Eligible Regions: Open for All. Double delegation is only available for UNSC and ASEAN Regional Forum.


Apply online through given website.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2017 



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