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[Nhật Bản] Cơ Hội Tham Gia Hội Nghị Sinh Viên Quốc Tế - International Student Conference (ISC) 2017

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International Student Conference (ISC) in Japan was founded in 1954, and works towards the same goal of its host organization: International Student Association (ISA), which aims to “contribute to achieving world peace.” The 63rd conference, which will be held this summer, will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The guest speaker at the final forum will be Mr. Tetsuo Kondo, the director of UNDP Tokyo Office.

There will be many opportunities in the conference to ponder on Japan from various perspectives, and to deepen your understanding of your own culture; you will explore not only Tokyo but also another place in west Japan, such as Kyoto and Osaka, and you can even get the chance to experience Japanese traditions to reveal the historical side of Japan. In addition, discussions in small groups will get you to realize how difficult but wonderful at the same time it is to exchange opinions with people having completely different backgrounds. These will certainly broaden your perspectives.


Term: August 16 - 28, 2017


  • Japanese cultural experiences
  • Sightseeing in Japan
  • Deeper understandings of global issues through discussions

Participation Fee  

JPY30,000 (covering Foods and Dormitory during the forum/NOT Including the sightseeing fee)


  • Undergraduate/Graduate students, or those who belong to a reliable youth group.
  • Able to commit to all stages of preparation for the Main Conference with Table members online.
  • Available to communicate regularly with a Table Chief until August.
Eligible Regions: Open for All


The mode of applying is online.


  • Application Submission Deadline: April 25
  • Interviews: April 24-May 14
  • Result Notification: May 15
  • Pre-discussion & Preparation: May-August
  • Main Conference: August 16-28
  • Advanced Study Tour: August 16-19
  • Main Conference in Tokyo: August 20-28

Application Deadline: April 25, 2017 

For morre infformation, please visit OFFICIAL LINK

For Further Queries

For further queries, contact at [email protected]
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