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[Nhật Bản] Trải Nghiệm Văn Hóa Nhật Bản Qua Chương Trình Winter Japan Culture Camp 2020 (Tài Trợ Toàn Phần)

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Japan Culture Camp by AYFN is a cultural learning program designed to give an understanding on culture and social awareness for participants. This program enables participants to learn about Japanese culture in line with making a friend directly. This program is also an avenue to enhance knowledge and skill to face globalization. This is not student exchange, but youth and cultural exchange program.

Osaka + Kyoto, 19 – 23  January 2020


    • Live for 5 days in Osaka, Japan
    • Learn and understand on Japanese culture directly
    • Winter Experience
    • Local Transport experience
    • Heritage walking tour around Kyoto and Osaka
    • Experience to be like local people
    • Experimental learning
    • E-Certificate of participation from AYFN

    Cultural tour activities in Kyoto and Osaka, whereby both cities are well known as the center of Japanese culture.
    Visit many interesting places both in Kyoto or Osaka, e.g : Osaka castle, Gion District in Kyoto (Geisha), Namba district, Arashiyama, and etc.
    Taste authentic Japanese cuisine
    Walk around the heritage area of Kyoto.

    How to apply

    Register online here (Please prepare: Copy of passport/national ID, Curriculum Vittae/resume, Letter of Motivation, Recommendation letter from your organization or someone who know you well, and color photo).

    - Deadline of Application and announcement phase 1

    • Wave 1 (15 September 2019), 1st round announcement: 20 September 2019

    - 2nd round selection: Interview and personal video making

    - Final announcement: 20 November 2019

    Official website

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    Hợp Tác Cùng YBOX.VN Truyền Thông Miễn Phí - Trả Phí Theo Yêu Cầu tại http://bit.ly/YBOX-Partnership

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