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[Online] Khoá Học Miễn Phí Về Lý Thuyết Âm Nhạc Cơ Bản Từ Udemy 2018

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Course: Music Theory For Beginners

Arm yourself with the right foundation to pursue your musical dreams


What will I learn?

  • After this course, students will be able to read most music scores;

  • Students will gain an understanding of rhythm, tempo, notes, pitch and other common core elements.


Nothing, but the ability to read and understand English.


This course aims to equip beginners in music with the skill to read music and to understand music better. You will be introduced to the various elements on the music score, and we will guide you to learn all the basic theory topics, step by step. You do not have to know anything to take this course, except an interest in music theory!

We will be providing detailed video lessons with numerous practical examples for you to apply your new found knowledge in. This course can take about a week to complete, and by the end of this course, you will be able to translate the symbols on a music score, into music on your instrument.

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners in music who would like to learn how to read music;

  • People who want to get back into music.

Please go to the course link on Udemy for further detailed information and enrollment: Music Theory For Beginners.

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