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[Online] Khoá Học Miễn Phí Về Tiếng Nhật Qua Bài Hát Từ Udemy 2017

Course: Sing and Learn Japanese 1

Learn to read and speak Japanese by singing.


What Will I Learn?

Sing Five Songs, and learn to read Hiragana (Japanese phonetic system), and also learn to communicate in Japanese using simple phrases and sentences. 


Have a computer with Internet Connection with Anti-Virus protection, Newer Computer Operating System, Recent Web Browser, a speaker and a microphone. Basic Recording tool, such as free software, Audacity.


Are you interested in learning Japanese and want to sing and learn Japanese at the same time? Do you want to learn to read Hiragana, one of the Japanese writing systems? 

General Description for This Online Course

This is a five-week Japanese course for students who enjoy learning through singing, and who have not learned Japanese in the past. Each week, students will learn a song and develop Japanese proficiency in listening, reading, and speaking based on the lyrics. Students will develop pronunciation skill, build vocabulary words, and basic grammar skill in a few simple words, phrases, and sentences. The hand writing of Hiragana will not be covered in this course; however, this course will focus on reading Japanese Hiragana by using Roman letters, called Roomaji. Understanding how to read hiragana and write in roomaji will help students to be able to type in Japanese on a computer to communicate in today’s global society.

By the end of the 5-week course, students will be able to sing fives songs and understand about:

  • Week 1: Japanese writing system: Hiragana Japanese phonetic sounds.
  • Week 2: Greetings in formal and informal setting.
  • Week 3: Self Introduction
  • Week 4: Obtaining information: What do you call in Japanese?
  • Week 5: Asking about your surrounding object: This, That, That Over There. Asking the origin. Where is it from?

It is my hope that students will enjoy learning the language through singing and apply their learned Japanese from this class to their daily life.

Who is the target audience?

This is a 5-week course designed for learners who enjoy singing and want to learn Japanese language for the first time.


Please go to the course link for further detailed information and enrollment:


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