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[Online] Khóa Học Online Miễn Phí Về Kỹ Năng Viết Trong Tiếng Anh Better Business Writing 2018

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Are you interested in improving your English writing in Business sector? In this course, you will get to know the tool how to write more easily, compiling and effective English Language for Business. You will develop strategies to plan and produce clear, understandable text.

You will get to learn and practice specific writing skills to use in different types of business communications including cover letters, mission and vision statements, proposals, instructions and reports and so on. Stay tune about this course and make sure you register for it now.

Where: Online Platform

Organizer: This course is organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology

Nationality: International students

Who is this course for:  Non-native English users who want to improve their business writing skills in English language. 

Who is this class for: This course is primarily designed for non-native English users who want to improve their business writing skills in English. The language skills reviewed in this course are mainly targeted for intermediate level. However, there are many items that any non-native English user will find helpful to improve their overall written communication.

Duration: 4 weeks, 3 to 4 hours per week

Type of course: Free online course

How to apply: Click “enroll” in Official website, and you will get to register for free course there.

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