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[Singapore, Malaysia] Cơ Hội Giành Chuyến Đi Toàn Phần Đến Singapore Và Malaysia Tham Gia Hội Nghị Các Nhà Lãnh Đạo Trẻ International Youth Leader Focus Summit 2020

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April 7-10th, 2020 || Singapore-Malaysia


1. Volunteering and Teaching (at the Indonesian Migrant Workers Children's Education Center in Kuala Lumpur, carrying out social activities, charity then Cultural Exchange to introduce Indonesian culture, national insights etc.).

2. Health and Odontogram Awareness (conducting health checks and health education).

3. International Leadership Training together with Indonesian students in Malaysia.

4. Top University Visite and International Student Gathering with PPI Malaysia.

5. Visit to the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia.

6. To be sure there is a Field Trip / City Tour in Singapore-Malaysia (Merlion park, Garden by the bay, Orchad rd, Bugis st, KLCC etc.)

We open a scholarship program, namely:

1. Fully funded

2. Partially funded

If you want to directly become a delegate you can use the direct program registration scheme There are Give Away Jakarta-Singapore tickets!


1. Registering the International Youlfoc Summit class of Singapore-Malaysia 2020 and making essays on online forms as well and as interesting as possible.

2. Follow Instagram @internationalyoulfoc and @ zuraid.co

3. Post on instastory and post on your ig on the topic of national / cultural / health insight.

Please register yourself and become an International Delegation with IYOULFOC at:
www.internationalyoulfoc.org/registration or you can click the link at bio @internationalyoulfoc directly For more information, contact: +62 852-2524-4679 [email protected] and visit www.internationalyoulfoc.org

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Hợp Tác Cùng YBOX.VN Truyền Thông Miễn Phí - Trả Phí Theo Yêu Cầu tại http://bit.ly/YBOX-Partnership

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