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My philosophical thought wants to be sent to you in an honest and lively way through a journey experienced by myself.

     My childhood was nourished by the fairy tale that my mother usually told. Since then, I was more grown-up and mature. The monument in my heart was the prince who rescues the princess.

     When I was a kindergartener, my peers made me aware of animated cartoons. Spiderman and Thanos became heroes that I greatly admired. My mother was pleased to support me, giving me that superhero toy when I won the award.

     When I became an elementary school student, I still kept the habit of talking with my mother. From that, lessons, advice and teachings of my mother kept permeating in my consciousness. I realized that the virtual world and real life have a long distance. I still liked fairy tales, still prefered cartoons but I did not have character idols anymore. The person I admired at that time was the real person leading the real life. I saw that our President of Vietnam was really admirable. He was obviously talented when governing and leading our whole country to be assured and affluent. He had set an ideal example for me to look at and strive to study.

     When I was at secondary school, I went through an illness, had to be absent from classes for a while at school. At that time, I realized how great it was to be able to go to school and be healthy. I had never ever seen my intense enthusiasm, my strong spirit of studiousness and the desire to live by myself. That is why I idolized humanitarian doctors. Therefore, I only wished to grow up to be a doctor saving people. Biology and Chemistry became both my favorite subjects and my forte. I had never been highly absorbed in studying until that period. I listened attentively to each lecture and felt that knowledge was unimaginably magical. Because of being into discovering, I researched more on fauna and flora. Besides, I did a wide range of both easy experiments and intensive ones in order to make an educational progress. Despite many times I failed, I was not discouraged. Sometimes some small successes fostered self-trust and hope so that I continued ...

     In the last year of secondary school, I put all my energy into practising and examinations. In class, I was often praised by teachers. At home there were always my parents and relatives who trusted and expected me with my effort. I took it as a motivation to keep trying and accumulating knowledge days and nights.

     However, the results were not what I expected: I failed to take part in both Chemistry- and Biology-majored classes at high school for gifted students. The sadness and disappointment surrounding my mind made me extremely suffocated. Though I struggled to escape, I found no space.

     Afterwards, I entered a normal high school. At the beginning of the tenth grade, I spent some time gaining mental balance. In the period of need to grasp that mentality, my mother was always the one beside me, sowing in my subconscious the strong will. I realized that the temperament of a male page was only revealed by how he stood up after the failure. "Human life must have thunderstorm but you should not hang your head in front of it" (Dang Thuy Tram). Actually, to my way of thinking, having failed the entrance exam to a specialized school was not considered a "pathetic" failure of me. I could fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor in other ways. That is not to mention that I realized that my level of handling problems and knowledge was still inadequate and limited in comparison with many talents and "programmed machines" throughout Hanoi city. My mother always reminded me with a philosophical statement that I still can not forget: "The reputation of your school will not be worth the reputation of your own outstanding capacity". Indeed, wherever good and talented people are, there are always opportunities for them to shine.

     On being a high school student, I was also extremely fortunate to meet the enthusiastic and admirable teachers. I realized that teaching is "the most noble job among noble careers". Education makes people so that people are the decisive factor that makes the country. That is the reason why Education is always the top national policy in Vietnam and in most countries all over the world. While the doctor can help life, the president of the country runs a whole nation, teachers are established for training potential generations. There seems to be evidence that doctors can only help people physically whereas teachers also save people both intellectually and spiritually. Teachers not only convey knowledge, but also arouse in the inspiration of learning, how to behave in a civilized manner and the way of living with humanity. The image of respectable teachers with white chalk and black board became a motivation for me to strive. Furthermore, my mother's teachings "You must respect teachers if you want to be a human" had brought positive and good thoughts to me.

     At that time, after reflecting upon it, I became a curious learner at secondary school thanks to the encouragement and stories of life that the teachers had given. Thus, at High School, after overcoming sadness, I continued to cultivate myself and be acutely aware of my responsibility to become a law-abiding and helpful citizen for my country. I would realize this by becoming a professional teacher. Belief in my future was increasingly nurtured because my side always has mothers and teachers.

     My mother was always the first to lend a hand when I got in hot water. She is always altruistic, humane and full of human love as well as motherhood like that. She sows in my heart the admiration for other respectable people. Yet, my mother doesn't ask for anything back from me. Right now, when I seem to be much more mature and become the freshman of the most prestigious university in my country, I notice that my mother is the great hero of my heart.


     In my mind, she is not only a great person with love but also a hero of my heart in every field. As a leader, everyone thinks she is cold and strict. Sometimes I think so but when I sit next to my mother, her hand caresses my head lovingly; then, all thoughts vanish. I feel kind of lighthearted, warm, hard to describe into words ... It seems that there is a close relationship between my mother's warmth and my heart.

     My mother always restrains to scold and guides me by orientation. She spread the resolve in me. She supports but not protects me from trouble. My mother teaches me to be sensible and aware of matters before it is too late to change situations. Moreover, there are many times when she does not speak but uses her actions to prove it. I have been greatly influenced by my mother: in how to work effectively and seriously, in the lifestyle, in the way of thinking, in the way of behaving with other people... How much can I report my mother's significant grace? When will my economic condition be stable to support my mother?


When I am with my mother, I am aware that: What is more important than progress and commitment is that the sacred, close and precious love. If material is considered to be a measure of happiness, the traveler will have no joy on the journey of life. I am happy when I learn this early. I will know how to love my mother, love my family in every moment so that I will not regret it when I get old. And I will still be brave to continue on the journey to strive for a career, not for reaping the benefits, but through which I turn over a new leaf.

     Through every milestone of life, each person will change in different ways. Someone changes worse and fails. Others advances and succeeds. For me, in every stage, I idolized an admirable person, then looked at him or her as a compass for me to try and follow. In my mind, I admire my mother's social status and how she fosters my soul. At present, maybe I am mature enough to realize that Mother is the best. I appreciate the lessons that my mother conveys. I love my mother immensely - the hero of my heart, in the past, now, and forever. It is obvious that time can blur the memory or gradually reduce storage of brain. However, emotional streaks will deepen in the heart.


  Time is a very relative category. Time cannot make anyone better or worse, because fate is in the palm of each person. However, people can utilize time to live meaningfully, to survive or to innovate. Time also cannot make my thoughts and opinions more profound. However, through each level of study, I myself grasped the time to create breakthroughs, experiences, new upgrades. Some people are older than me, but they are still as poor as church mice. Thus, that time passes is not a matter. On the other hand, there are people who are young and talented because they are not dependent on the levels of education that the Ministry of Education divided for gradual development. They make rapid progress or have a leaping breakthrough. In conclusion, there is a quote "Don't attribute a bright result to the length of time".


Tác Giả: Kate

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