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[Hội An] Chương Trình Liên Hoan Ẩm Thực Quốc Tế Hội An 2016 Tuyển 50 Tình Nguyện Viên (Có Hỗ Trợ)

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Hoi An International Food Festival 2017 takes place from 20-26 March 2017 in Hoi An with participation of 12 international chefs from Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Malaysia, Greece, India, Russia and USA who will be working with 12 local restaurants in Hoi An to discover more about Vietnamese cuisine and to introduce our national gastronomy to the world through international dishes – local ingredients.

The festival will open to public from 22-26 March at Sculpture Garden, Hoi An.

We are looking for 50 volunteers to join us as cheer team. You will be supporting chefs on stage, booths in the festival area in TRADITIONAL COSTUMES!!! You will become German, Swedish, Russian, Malaysian… and dancing their traditional music!!!

What you will GET:
– Practising your English and communication
– Working directly with renowned chefs and restaurants
– Getting to know more about different cultures
– International experience that will last long in your life
– 1 voucher to try any dish you like during the festival
– 1 certificate to recognise your contribution
– 150K per day to support your transportation

Are you excited NOW??? Let’s take a chance to be part of this unique event and discover amazing food, festive atmosphere!


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