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[HCM] Apollo English Vietnam Tuyển Dụng Trợ Giảng Tiếng Anh 2017

Hết hạn

Working place

Apollo Phu My Hung , R2-72- My Toan 2, Tan Phong Ward , Dist.7, HCMC

Job description

  • Pick up and look after the students in class.
  • Explain to students anything they don’t understand if requested by teachers.
  • Help teachers with registers/attendance check/record of work.
  • Assist in monitoring students’ work and ability to follow instructions.
  • Assist teachers with classroom discipline, assessing students, clarifying instructions and checking homework.
  • Other classroom duties given by teachers/staffs.


  • Vietnamese national- University students (from first to third-year).
  • Passion and interest in Teaching & Education.
  • Good communication skills (in both English and Vietnamese).
  • Customer-oriented, friendly, patient, proactive and highly organized.


  • Salary: For starters 23.000VND/hour (salary scales shall be reviewed according to length of time working and performance quality)
  • Teaching assistant certificate, Award certificates, Training workshops, etc.


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