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[HCM] Chương Trình Phát Triển Khả Năng Lãnh Đạo Toàn Cầu Outperformer Từ Tập Đoàn Đa Quốc Gia Hilti Chuyên Sản Xuất Sản Phẩm Ngành Xây Dựng Và Năng Lượng 2020 (Cơ Hội Được Đào Tạo Tại Trụ Sở Chính Tại Châu Âu & Singapore)

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Địa điểm Địa điểm: Hồ Chí Minh - Chuyên môn Chuyên môn: Kế toán, Kiểm toán; Tài chính, Chứng khoán, Ngân Hàng; Xuất nhập khẩu; Khác; Bán hàng (Sales) - Tính chất công việc Tính chất công việc: Toàn thời gian
Hilti Group is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing top-quality products for professional customers in the Construction and Energy industry. Founded in 1941 in Schaan, Liechtenstein, we are now having offices in over 120 countries in 5 continents with over 29,000 employees. Our products range covers drilling and demolition tools and consumables, direct fastening, diamond coring, anchoring systems, fire stop products and foam systems, laser technology, screw fastening systems as well as cutting and sanding systems. We are committed to excellence in innovation, total quality, delivering outstanding services and direct customer relationships

Hilti Outperformer is a two-year program, where you’ll quickly be involved in a range of international projects, with lots of exposure to senior management. It’s fast paced and challenging, but we’ll closely coach and mentor you. The program is split into four main stages of work:

  • 12 months as an account manager in the country where you apply.
  • 2 months local accounting in the country where you apply
  • 4 months on a project in regional headquarters (Singapore)
  • 6 months on a strategic project outside the region
  • If you’ve come from a mature market, you’ll work in an emerging market, and vice versa.
What do we offer?
  • Show us what you can do and, in return, we promise you the experience of a lifetime, the opportunity to work internationally, and a fast-track career in global senior management. You’ll also take part in some fascinating courses and events:
  • Leadership development program – a comprehensive learning journey with IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a qualification from IMD.
  • Business management training – individual training at Hilti. A focus on behavioral profiles, personal strengths, leadership styles and communication skills.
  • Global summit – 4-5 days at our global headquarters in Liechtenstein. A look at the way global business units function, plus soft skills like situational leadership and international teamwork.
  • Social project – 7-8 days ‘building a better future’. A hands-on and hugely impactful community project, like our recent house building for displaced refugees in Bosnia.
Why should you apply?

We have an excellent mix of people, which we believe makes for a more vibrant, more innovative, more productive team. So, if you’ve never worked in construction, that’s fine with us. Success at Hilti is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

What you need is:
  • You’re currently studying a master’s degree or PhD or you've recently graduated. Your Masters degree is likely to be in business management, but we’ll consider subjects like engineering, economics, politics or international studies if you can demonstrate you have a mind for business.
  • You’ve spent at least three months, and up to two years, in a professional environment, like an internship, apprenticeship or work experience, or have just started your career and want an opportunity where you can perform well and progress.
  • You’re multilingual – fluent in English plus another language or two – and you’ve gained international experience during your work or studies.
  • You’re mature and assertive, curious and committed. You’re a flexible team player with good communication and social skills. You’re a global thinker, keen for intercultural experiences and opportunities working abroad.
  • As part of your interview process, we’ll take you on a day-in-the-life ‘field ride’ to give you a feel for our business and the caliber of our people. We’ll also pay for your travel to the interview.
    Tempted to apply or find out more? Go to https://outperformer.hilti.group/



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