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[HCM] Công Ty Dịch Vụ Giao Hàng Nhanh Tuyển Dụng Cross-border Transportation Specialist Full-time 2018 (Mức Lương 12,000,000 - 15,000,000 VNĐ)

Hết hạn

Công ty Giaohangnhanh.vn là một trong những công ty dẫn đầu cung cấp dịch vụ giao hàng tận nơi cho kinh doanh thương mại điện tử tại Việt Nam.

Mô tả chi tiết công việc

  • Facilitate international Gido shipments by liaising with freight forwarders, airlines/ airlines’ general sales agents;
  • Facilitate customs clearance, mostly B2C/ manifest clearance, of international inbound Gido shipments by liaising with custom brokers, customs, government authorities, and by providing technical advice on clearance requirements to customers;
  • Negotiate for most competitive rate, lead-time, and SLA for freight and customs clearance;
  • Make judgment and provide instructions, by consulting with customers/ partners/ vendors, to deal with situation arisen during the shipping process such as re-packing, re-labelling, shipment re-scheduling, etc. and situation arisen during the clearance process;
  • Document necessary data;
  • Perform other duties as required;

Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết


  • Extensive knowledge and experience of inbound cross-border shipment (B2B and B2C), customs clearance, especially B2C customs clearance, and resourceful network with stakeholders in the process; 
  • Basic knowledge of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce;
  • Excel/ Google Spreadsheet/ SQL/ Data Analytics; Basic knowledge of database system;
  • Familiar with modern software to improve work productivity: G  Suite, Trello,.. 
  • Knowledge of modern platforms for international logistics such as Flexport, eWTP, Alibaba’s OneTouch;


  • Ideal candidates should be ready to commit in a start-up of which the business model is re-calibrating day-by-day, therefore, s/he should get familiar with continuous up & down and pivoting; 
  • Ideal candidates should value long term rewards over short term benefits; 
  • Ideal candidates should be hungry to grow together with the business in 3 – 5 years; 


  • Experience: at least 02 years of working experience in Logistics/Customs clearance field or similar roles. Preferred background: DHL/ FedEx/ UPS, freight forwarders, importing companies, in operations related positions. 
  • Education Background: graduated from FTU, University of Economics, or University of Transportation

3. Hồ sơ công việc

  • Ứng viên nộp CV tiếng anh về email: [email protected] M: (+84) 981 010 527
  • Tiêu đề email viết theo cú pháp: [GHN-0318] Cross-border Transportation Specialist - Họ Tên

(*) Lưu ý: Ứng viên vui lòng nêu rõ nguồn tuyển dụng YBOX.VN trong thư cover letter. Do hạn chế về mặt thời gian nên chỉ các ứng viên được lựa chọn vào vòng sau mới được liên hệ và phản hồi. Rất mong các bạn thông cảm.

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