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[HCM] Công Ty Halocom Media Tuyển Dụng Thực Tập Sinh Account Full-time 2020

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Kinh nghiệm Kinh nghiệm: Không cần kinh nghiệm - Đừng lo! Chúng tôi sẽ đào tạo bạn từ đầu. Có kinh nghiệm là điểm cộng! - Mức lương Mức lương: Từ 1 Triệu - Dưới 4 Triệu VNĐ / Tháng - Địa điểm Địa điểm: Hồ Chí Minh - Chuyên môn Chuyên môn: Marketing, Truyền Thông, PR - Tính chất công việc Tính chất công việc: Thực tập; Toàn thời gian
We are a 2 years startup in digital marketing. We help businesses to achieve business goals and marketing performance through digital channels. The company deeply understand in digital advertising, riding on the trends of digitalization to keep developing better solution for our clients. We are in hot growth phase, with +200% Year-on-year, and +500% in number of campaigns.
I. Team leadership:
  • Lead account team of 3 AEs/SAEs throughout the end-to-end client serving process (from proposal to pitching, onboarding, and execution)
  • Manage team capacity and assign tasks to each direct report
  • Support Account Director in recruiting and developing Account Executives, providing frequent training and coaching for Account Executives
II. Client relationship management:
  • Act as a senior client representative: Responsible for developing and maintaining relationship with client’s key decision makers, understanding client’s needs and objectives, ability to provide insightful advice to senior clients and promote the expansion of business
  • Manage client expectations of timing to ensure that projects are delivered at the highest quality levels, on time and on budget, while achieving the expected profit for the company
  • Present proposal to client, ability to address questions and drive the meeting to reach a conclusion
  • Documenting client design briefings, understanding them in the context of the current or proposed brand essence and current market situation
  • Acting as a client representative through the proposal & implementation process, ensuring that the solutions we develop meet client needs
  • Managing client expectations of timing to ensure that projects are delivered at highest quality levels, on time and on budget, while achieving the expected profit for the company
  • Being responsible for the effectiveness of communication activities & services consulted and provided to customers.
  • Cooperating with other related departments to follow contracts and contract terminations.
  • Join in with other departments in pitching new customers.
III. Project management:
  • Plan team’s P&L (quarterly and monthly P&L), monitoring, managing and ensuring the team’s delivery of the planned P&L target
  • Monitor performance of projects, responsible for quality and output of internal team problem solving, discuss end-of-project performance review with client
  • Implement performance management practices, processes and measures
  • Outline structure for proposal development
  • With us you will find an exciting blend of a vibrant startup environment and professional operations. Many of our employees have backgrounds as successful corporate executives and management consultant, with strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • A talented and very motivated team with flat hierarchy
  • An exciting opportunity to learn and grow, a real challenge – we uphold to high quality standards where team effort is pivotal and solution is rarely obvious, you can and is expected to shape the way forwards
  • Opportunities to initiate and implement operational and strategic initiatives every day
  • Competitive compensation
  1. No experience requirements
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Good knowledge of marketing
  • Training about categories: FMCG, Banking, Ecommerce, Fintech, Classified, OTA, Beauty, Education,…
  • Training algorithm in all digital channels: Google, Facebook, Coc Coc, Zalo, Linkedin, Tik Tok, DSP,…
  • Training all tools & skills-Highly motivated in working environment
  • Work in a dynamic, fast-paced and international environment
  • Opportunity to become an official employee
  • Allowance: 2 millions + Lunch, Dinner, parking fee, tel Card


Send your CV to Email [email protected]

With Tittle [YBOX] Account Intern - Your Name

Website: https://halocom.vn/

Address: Level 9 – PSG Building, 11 Bis, Ward 6, Nguyen Gia Thieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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Hợp Tác Cùng YBOX.VN Trong Tuyển Dụng, Truyền Thông Miễn Phí - Trả Phí Theo Yêu Cầu tại http://bit.ly/YBOX-Partnership

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