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[HCM] Công Ty Công Nghệ Tài Chính Và Trí Tuệ Nhân Tạo Có Trụ Sở Tại Mỹ - Trusting Social Tuyển Dụng Thực Tập Sinh Nhân Sự & Hành Chính Văn Phòng 2017

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About Us

Trusting Social is a Fintech and Artificial Intelligence company that pioneers alternative credit scoring for emerging markets using telecom data and other new data sources.

We aim to provide 1 billion credit scores to the unbanked consumers who currently do not have access to formal credit. We target emerging markets worldwide, with the initial focus on Southeast Asia and India. In Vietnam, Trusting Social currently provides credit scores to 60 million Vietnamese consumers. Our customers include some of the largest banks and consumer finance institutions in Vietnam. Having commercialized our solution in Vietnam, we are now expanding to other Asian markets including Philippines, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh. In Vietnam, our clients include some of the top banks and consumer finance companies in the country.

Trusting Social is comprised of Ph.D. data scientists from Stanford Research Institute, Microsoft, IBM etc., and banking leaders from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Barclays. We are the Winner of the Future of Money and Technology Summit 2014 and the Winner of Innotribe Startup Showcase Asia 2015. Founded in Silicon Valley, Trusting Social is now headquartered in Singapore, with R&D lab in Ho Chi Minh, and offices in Hanoi, Manila, and Jakarta. Trusting Social is funded by top global venture capital firms.

We are offering an exciting internship program (3-6 months) for fresh graduates who are highly motivated and eager to learn. We are now looking for 2 interns in the following areas:

The Office Admin Intern will assist with various operational functions of the office, making sure the office is managed effectively. The intern will also assist with some HR tasks.

The HR Intern will support the HR Recruitment Officer in identifying, engaging and onboarding the best talent possible to drive Trusting ’s success and delivering our stakeholder’s requirements.

Interns will have a great chance in being appointed a permanent role after the internship ends.

Required Skills

  •      Final year or fresh graduate student with GPA 7.5 and higher
  •      Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  •      Experience with working in an international workplace is a plus
  •      Proactive, persistent, team-player and self-starter
  •    Well-organized and able to handle multiple tasks and changing priorities under pressure.
  •      Exude a professional courtesy to all Trusting Social's clients and colleagues.
  •      Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  •      Excellent presentation skills and good attention to detail
  •      Be IT literate, proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  •      Fluency in English (IELTS 7.0 or equivalent)


  •      Monthly allowance: 3,000,000VND
  •      Work opportunity after internship
  •      Training and Mentorship

Apply here: https://trustingsocial.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0mobn/

Deadline: June 30th, 2017

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