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[HN] CGV Tuyển Dụng Temporary Film PR Executive 2017

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Working place: Ha Noi

Contract period: 6 month 


• Planning, directing, controlling, coordinating, participating and evaluating in all Public Relations programs in line with marketing strategy of each movie.

• Update and localize all movies publicity materials from studio together with movies information and social activities to the public through media by organizing premiere, press conference, press screening, sending press release, etc.

• Work closely with journalists for movie coverage opportunity and find the way to influence on press’s writing.

• Follow up with all media press as well as celebrities and other influencers to make sure all PR plans being done effectively.

• Planning, coordinating, controlling and evaluating movie promotion campaign for each movie include: media exchange, media promotion

• Develop media contacts, maintain and continuously improve relationship with press

• Follow up media coverage for each movie or company’s activity and organize press clipping/PR report on a daily basis.

• Organize high profile and high quality marketing and press events to promote films and other activities.

• Be responsible for publicity materials. Produce press release or other publicity materials such as: clips, testimonial clips if needed. 

• Develop and implement media promotions to launch new movies.

• Manage PR budgets.

• Contribute ideas during brainstorming sessions for movie launching campaigns and others.

• Pro-actively provide feedback/comment/input for local title treatment and other ad materials.

• Support Film Marketing Manager and PR Manager to create and implement marketing plans to launch new movies and other CSR programs & take the lead in international children day and mid-autumn charity program.

• Assign, supervise and review the activities of PR Assistant.

• Work closely with PR manager to plan and execute all CSR activities of the company.

• Assist PR manager in collecting materials for designing, producing and promote Movie Star magazine

• Execute other tasks assigned by PR Manager and Film Marketing manager from time to time  


• University degree or higher with major in marketing or related fields

• 2-3 years working experience in the related fields of marketing, account servicing, advertising & media and publicity relation

• Knowledge in movie, entertainment and multi media industries

• Highly creative but detailed minded; strength in presentation

• Excellent communication and language skills (both English and Vietnamese)

• Experience in working/liaison with local press and local celebrities.

• Cheerful and friendly personality

• Strong people skills, and high team-spirited

• Able to work under tight time lines and on flexible hours

• Excellent in strategic public relations planning

• Good writing skills

• Experiences in measurement, evaluation, reporting

• Good media & celebrities relations

• Creativity

• Ability to influence people  

  If your skills set and interests align with the position, please send your CV and cover letter in English via email [email protected]   subject HN-PR- [Name]

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