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[HN] Công Ty Công Nghệ Hamsa Tuyển Dụng Chuyên Viên Tuyển Dụng Nhân Viên IT Full-time 2020

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        Hamsa Technologies is a leading eCommerce solution company in Vietnam. Since 2014 until now, Hamsa has delivered customized eCommerce solutions to more than 1000 clients from all over the world. 94% of them are happy and proud to recommend Hamsa to other merchants.
        We can't do that without a strong team of unique culture. A happy team makes great products and services. Great products and services make clients satisfied. That's a simple philosophy we believe and live with, from Day One.
        In this position, you first need to be a good team player, then spend most of your energy to help clients understand - feel - be passionate about 7P Marketing through your own selective words and punctuations.
        Come to our office at Phạm Ngọc Thạch street (Hanoi), Mon to Fri.

- Networking with individuals and organizations (HRs, Headhunters, IT Training Organizations, Universities,...)
- Looking for potential through social networks or job search platforms
- Distributing job opportunities through online and offline channels
- Consulting candidates and helping them figuring out the best opportunities
- Managing candidate profiles through the recruitment process, keep it synched with the ATS software
- Measuring, tracking performance through the recruitment process
- Other duties that help your team work better and smarter


- Passionate in working with Human and People
- Customer-oriented and result-oriented mindset
- Good at managing candidate relationships
- Good at MS Office or Google Drive
- Quickly adapt to IT and technologies
- Proactive, careful, well organized
- English at reading & comprehension level
- Hands-on experience with ATS software is a plus
- At least 6 months of recruitment / sales experience, preferable in IT filed


About your pay:

- Receiving monthly wages in the range of 5 ~ 10M
- Benefited from profit sharing by year-ends, that's equivalent up to 3 months' wages
- Enjoy free lunch, free fresh fruits, free Lavie everyday
- Receiving compulsory insurance
- Receiving bonus based on team & individual performance

About your job:

- Approaching recruitment process as a professional salesperson
- Working with professional thinking models that not only help selling job opportunities but selling anything in future
- Participating in different recruitment projects, IT or Non-IT campaigns, Vietnamese or International candidates, Remote or In-office positions, Full time or part time opportunities,...
- Working with a lot of automation tools, as we are a tech-based company
- Do not worry about repetitive tasks. You can always expose yourself to new challenges and thrive even stronger
- Become a part of a small team and your team will respect you. Together you and your teammates will build the team culture that fits

About your manager:

- Not manage you but do coaching and help you complete your tasks in the most effective way
- Always willing to lend you a helping hand whenever you need
- Usually set a goal with you, give you feedback at the right time to improve your performance and productivity

About your colleagues:

- Young, passionate, responsible and professional
- Give you support 24/7
- Create a comfortable atmosphere so that you will feel like you are at home

About your CEO:

- Focus on people, and willing to invest in you in order to continuously expand your personal capacity
- Strive to a big mission and visions
- Be open, transparent and aligned throughout the company, teams and individuals
- Give you inspiration most of the time

About your workplace:

- Provide high-quality water for drink (Lavie) and help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Healthy body, healthy mind!
- Fulfill your needs for coffee, snack, fresh fruits all day
- Encouraged to play with a dual monitor working mode which boosts your performance by 40%
- Create unforgettable experience and memorable moments together through company trip 1 ~ 2 times per year

About your career path:

- Opportunities to be promoted to Lead Headhunter, HRM, etc...
- Training courses on demand

Not only that, your days at Hamsa will be more interesting as you can experience:

- Agile transformation environment in which you can practice Agile, Scrum everyday
- Have the opportunity to learn numerous skills of English, Time Management, Productivity Management…

Please submit your own resume (CV) here or email [email protected] with title Position_Full name.


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