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[HN] MaxGroup Tuyển Dụng Biên Tập Viên Website_Tiếng Anh_ MyEva.vn 2017

Hết hạn


- Writing and editing articles on women topic, such as tips, fashion, skincare, makeup, life&love and horoscopes

- Having the ability to write other topics as required;

- Constantly being creative on building new contents.


- Intermediate English at least;

- Flexibility in editing articles and news;

- Having experience working for foreign website;

- Basic Photoshop skills;

- Passionate about music, movie, travel, fashion, cuisine,...

- Interested in European culture


- Salary: Fixed wage + KPI + commission depending on working results; Wage raise review every 6 months; 13th month wage;

- Challenging working environment with various brands and projects;

- Social insurance and other specified vacations

Email: [email protected] 

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