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[HN, HCM] Meete Tuyển Dụng Business Development Full-time 2017

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Meete là một startup công nghệ chuyên cung cấp ưu đãi ăn uống. Hiện Meete đã có ở HCM, Hà Nội, và sắp tới đang có ý định mở rộng ra các tỉnh thành khác. Từ khi thành lập năm 2015 tới nay, Meete đã đạt được giải thưởng Best Newcomer (Startup mới tốt nhất của năm) tại Rice Bowl Startup Awards.


A. Who are we?

At Meete, we provide one-stop sales & marketing as well as CRM tools for offline merchants. After 1 year launching, we have partnered with The Coffee House, TocoToco, The Pizza Company, Wrap&Roll, Royal Tea etc… 

We are a team of the most energetic individuals from all fields, and we are not afraid to take on any challenge.

Why Meete?

Execution – we brainstorm in the morning and execute in the afternoon. Improve. Repeat.

Growth – we grow as an individual and as a team with commendable speed.

Recognition – we were awarded Best Newcomer in the Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2016 and were accredited in top 3 apps for modern city by Forbes Vietnam.

Efficiency – we are sponsored by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook’s programs. We have all the best tools to work on our projects.

How about you? Are you ready to join our crew?


1. What is your mission?

Business Development Executive - You are in charge of expanding our merchant networks. You are given total freedom, authority and necessary tools to carry out missions.

2. Who do we need?

- Energetic & Hungry – you’re always full of energy. You say hi to everyone upon entering the office and take up new challenges whenever you have a chance.

- Growth drive – it’s all about growth. Whether it is personal or for the team, your today is always an improvement of yesterday.

- Communication – you are crystal clear about what you say, take responsibility and act upon it.

- Winning attitude – you are going to win because you have nothing to lose.

2. How about your job?

Part-time: at least 25 hours/week

Full-time: at least 50 hours/week

Location: HCMC, HN

Computer skills (MS Office, etc...) is a must

Intermediate level English

4/ What can you get?

- Attractive salary package depending on skills and experiences

- Incentives depending on deliverables

- Home cooked meals depending on how big is your tummy

- Free accommodation: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16481622

Sounds attractive? Why keep on waiting? Shoot your resume to [email protected]  (Ms. Hoa) immediately with a title: [Full name]Position – CV. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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