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[HN] Văn Phòng UNESCO Tại Hà Nội Tuyển Dụng Assistant To Head Of Office 2017

Hết hạn

Manages the agenda of the HFO including scheduling of appointments, receiving visitors, supporting communications (phone, email and other) and prioritises workflow through the HFO Office and distribution of information throughout the office. The assistant makes travel and hotel arrangements and prepares travel authorizations/ claims for the HFO and facilitates participation of National Commission for Viet Nam and government counterparts to national, regional and global UNESCO events.


Deadline for submissions: Midnight 10 February 2017

Initiates and processes a variety of contractual and administrative documents including follow up and timely completion of impending actions. Uses word processing, spreadsheets and presentation packages to produce a wide variety of large, complex documents and reports, including formatting more complex letters, reports, technical documents, speeches, presentations and other material. Proofreads documents and edits texts for accuracy, grammar, punctuation and style, as well as for adherence to established standards for format.


Provides secretarial, administrative and logistics support to meetings of the HFO with government, UN and other partners, including preparation of invitation letters; compilation and distribution of working documents and other materials; preparation of minutes; and providing informal transaltion and interpretation from Vietnamese to English. Liaises with UN organisations in the preparation of meetings and events. Supports HFO participation in UNCT, OPFMAC and SMT meetings. Supports internal senior staff meetings.

Maintains and updates electronic and paper records/files and tracking systems (e.g. information databases, mailing lists, participant lists, correspondence, contracts and budgetary information); ensures the proper establishment and closure of files and safe retention of same; ensure timely processing and response on requests and correspondence.

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By email: [email protected]


By mail: Administrative Section

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