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[HN/HCM] Báo Điện Tử Zing.vn Tuyển Dụng Hơn 20 Vị Trí CTV, Thực Tập & Full-time: Phóng Viên, Thiết Kế, Trưởng Ban, Lập Trình 2018

Hết hạn

Zing.vn journalists are young, passionate and quick learners committed to serving our readers with unbiased, accurate and objective reporting. We adhere to verities of journalistic standards while embracing modern technologies in story telling.

1. What you need?
  • Passionate about journalism, eager to bring information to readers
  • Ability to work independently in a high-pressure environment
  • Multitasking: writing, photographing, video recording
  • Fluency in English or another language
  • University education, preferably study abroad

2. Positions

a. Editor/Desk Chief - Trưởng ban

  • Ability to detect and implement coverage of news story with unique angles or new way of story telling
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in your field
  • Strong network of experts/field contacts
  • Work in HCMC preferred

b. Reporter - Phóng viên

  • Deep knowledge and expertise in your field
  • Proven records of published work
  • Work in HCMC preferred
  • 9X prefered

c. Fresher / Intern - Thực tập viên

  • Sophomore or senior students at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Foreign Trade University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities or related majors
  • Proven academic achievements

d. Local collaborator - Cộng tác viên địa phương

  • Knowledge of current local news and events
  • Have a wide range of network with local authority

e. Graphic designer - Thiết kế đồ họa

  • Logical thinking, good at infographic, video graphic, motion
  • Highly skilled in using professional design softwares. Knowledgable in 3D tool is a bonus.
  • Under 25 years of age
  • Mobile App Developers

f. Lập trình ứng dụng mobile

  • 3-year experience developing app for Android or iOS
  • Understanding of OOP, design pattern, data structure & algorithm
  • Have published app you can show

3. How to apply

  • Please send your CV, profile picture/facebook link and article links to: [email protected]
  • Email subject: [ZING-0318] Positions - Full Name

(*) Note: Please indicate YBOX.VN as the source of recruitment news in your cover letter. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

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