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[HN&HCM] CGV Cinemas Tuyển Gấp Các Vị Trí Trợ Lý/ Thời Vụ 2017

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CJ CGV là đơn vị thuộc CJ Group, một trong top 5 cụm rạp chiếu phim lớn nhất toàn cầu và là nhà phát hành, cụm rạp chiếu phim lớn nhất Việt Nam. Tính đến tháng 9/2016, CGV Việt Nam hiện đang sở hữu 36 cụm rạp trên khắp 11 tỉnh thành trong cả nước.


Working Place: F8, 25 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi 

Job Description

To assist Film Marketing Analyst and team to plan and implement movie launching campaigns.

• Assist develop printing plan and manage POSM display at screening cinemas
Plan and coordinate with Cinema Manager or Assistant Cinema Manager to propose a printing plan including number of posters, flyers, standees, banners (both out of home and front of home) for all screening cinemas.

Coordinate with printing supplier to ensure product quality, delivery deadline and price policy are being met according to company/unit standard and requirement.
• Assist produce special local production standee at selected cinemas
Assist manage supplier and coordinate with the management of selected cinemas to implement the local production standee, being approved by Film Marketing Analyst according quality and delivery standard of the company/unit.
• Assist for outdoor activities including:
Outside Banner: Assist check cost, image and get approve budget. Coordinate with printing supplier to ensure product quality, delivery deadline.
Billboard: Assist make plan, check cost and test sample before production.
Corporate: Planning and managing flyer, poster delivery at restaurant, fashion shop.
• Be responsible for ambient activities including:
Indoor: Producing special uniforms/ad materials such as hanging mobiles, special standee etc for selected screening cinemas.
• Outdoor: Planning and managing flyer delivery and other ad material delivery deem fit.
• Assist for promotion campaign
Assist make plan, coordinate with supplier to ensure product quality. Assist run campaign and report. 
• Provide great support and assistance to press screening and other marketing/PR events.
• Execute other tasks being assigned by Film Marketing Analyst from time to time.


• Highly creative but detailed minded; 
• Excellent communication and language skills (both English and Vietnamese)
• Knowledge in movie and entertainment 
• Cheerful and friendly personality
• Strong people skills, and highly team-spirited
• Able to work under tight time lines and on flexible hours



Location: Hanoi

Job Description

·Assist in writing and releasing new press release, information for movie or any event that is held by CGV.
·Organize high profile and high quality press events, movie premiere to promote films.
·Update film stills, writing materials and create promotion program for exhibition media channels (Facebook, website).
·Follow up media coverage for each movie or company’s activity and do PR online report on a daily basis.
·Make payments for all PR campaigns, events, materials that run in Hanoi. 


•Good communication, interpersonal and writing skills
•Creativity, imagination and initiative
•Good teamwork, hard working, flexibility and a willing to learn

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