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Tổ Chức Phi Chính Phủ SJ Vietnam Tìm Kiếm TNV Ngắn Hạn Tham Gia Work-camp Tại Trung Quốc 2017

Hết hạn

SJ Vietnam is calling 4 VOLUNTERS for 2 work-camp in China (2 volunteers per each work-camp)


● Language:

The main language is English. We recommend the volunteers to learn some basic greetings in Chinese.

● Basic Volunteer Requirements:

- Can communicate in English
- Have passion in voluntary work
- Respect for cultural differences
- Should be open-minded and adaptable.
- Should be friendly and willing to work as a team

● Insurance:

DWC will purchase basic insurance that covers accidents during the work-camp only, and so, please also self-prepare health and travel insurance that suits your own needs.

● Meal & accommodation: are covered

● Visa & flight tickets: by participants

● How to apply:

Candidates send CV & Motivation Letter to email: [email protected]
with the Subject: China workcamp_[Code]_[Fullname]

● DEADLINE: 25th Mar for the work-camp in July



Code: DWC-01-17

Project Type: Culture; Art

Project Dates: July 8th to 16th, 2017

Location: Fuzhou, Jiangxi

Closest Airport: Nanchang Changbei International Airport (KHN)

● Project Needs:

Fuzhou city has a long history of rich cultural heritage and resources that had profound impact on the Chinese history and modern celebrated culture. It has been named the “Hometown of Scholar and Talent” and the “City of Culture”. Many folk arts from years of heritage and techniques, such as bamboo knitting, hand-made mounting pictures (手工裱画), paper cutting art, songs, etc., had been passed down through many generations can be discovered in this city. However, in today’s modern society where many products are mass-produced by machines, the art of practicing traditional craftsmanship faces the brink of extinction. Finding passionate new generation of young people who are committed to its practice and its teaching to the next generation is a challenge, and these once loved folk arts are losing in popularity compared to the modern taste. Educating the public of their value and importance, in addition to teaching of why and how to appreciate these forms of art are all important in preserving the cultural heritage of the city and the country.

● Project Aims:

- Promote the preservation of traditional Chinese art and craftsmanship
- Enhance international exchange and folk art and culture
- Inspire future changemakers who are impactful towards arts and cultural heritage preservation (Changemakers are individuals who gain skills and resources they need to collaborate on solving complex social problems)

● Meals and Accommodation:

Work-campers will be staying in a school or a Buddhist temple. Simple meals will be provided three times a day at the cafeteria within the school or the temple. Temple serves only vegetarian food.

● Work/Activities:

- Observe and learn Chinese art and culture, such as calligraphy, carving, and paper cutting.
- Organize charity sales of the local and international art & cultural products towards the end of the work-camp
- Participate in discussion on change making stories or ideas on arts and cultural heritage preservation whether they are from your country or from others
- Assist the daily work of the school or the temple.


Code: DWC-02-17

Project Type: Agriculture; Animal Care

Project Dates: July 22nd to 30th, 2017

Location: Grand Windmill Farm, Southern District, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

Closest Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

● Project Needs:

Growing population and increasing demand for food has led to industrial farming practices, which are detrimental to both the environment and to our health. Sustainable farming is the way forward as it takes into consideration of our health, the environment, local communities and animal welfare. It produces food in a way that allows for ecological balance and maintenance of biodiversity.

Plants, animals and humans are all part of nature and we rely on each other to survive. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, depletion of resources and extinction of species are devastating results of our exploitation of nature. Rethinking our role in nature and our footprint on this planet is key to the survival of future generations.

● Project Aims:

- Provide a unique experiential learning opportunity to enrich knowledge of sustainable farming and animal care
- Increase awareness of the negative impact of industrial farming on our health and on the environment
- Encourage volunteers to engage with nature, physically, mentally and spiritually
- Cultivate a sustainable and harmonious co-existence with plants, animals and all others members of our ‘earth community’
- Spread the principles of environmental sustainability and raise active citizenship committed with a fairer society
- Inspire future change makers who are impactful towards sustainable farming and animal care issues (Change makers are individuals who gain skills and resources they need to collaborate on solving complex social problems)

● Meals and Accommodation:

Grocery shopping and meals will be prepared by the workcampers. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be from the farm. A cooking and cleaning schedule will be arranged at the beginning of the workcamp, and workcampers will take turns with cooking and cleaning chores.

Simple and basic accommodation is provided in the farm. Beddings are also available. Tents are available for workcampers who wish to camp.

● Work/Activities:

- Farming and harvesting herbs, fruits and vegetables
- Picking and packaging herbs, fruits and vegetables
- Caring of farm animals (feeding, grooming, exercise, etc.)
- Helping with daily operation and general maintenance of the farm
- Participating in discussion on changemaking ideas and examples of sustainable farming and animal care
- Other duties assigned by the farm staff
- Identifying Chinese medicinal plants and their healing properties (optional)
- Guided meditation in nature (optional)

● Volunteer’s Requirement:

- Have no allergic reaction to animals and love working with animals


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